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3 ways to get more Engagement and Views on Stories

Stories are one of the main ways that businesses engage with their audiences online. It is often seen as an easier format to get engagement and views. Inevitably, all businesses fall into a slump with stories. But don’t fall into despair, there are a few things that you can do to increase your engagement once again!

Here are 3 ways to increase engagement and views on stories:

1. Story Board

Very often the focus of content calendars is on posts and stories can be secondary or off-the-cuff content. However, creating “story” storyboards is one way of ensuring continual story content that has a purpose.

Often businesses use stories as a way to keep top of mind without a strategy in mind. Before every new month, you must create storyboards that carefully plan your content that speaks to the brand and aims to increase sales.

Some things to note when you are creating your storyboards:

- Have a minimum of three slides per story

- Think about times and days and how your story can relate to your audience. For example, if you are a food business and you want to promote lunch bowls, you should be posting early in the morning and providing links to ordering apps or the menu.

- Make the content unique so that your audience wants to keep viewing it. Don't use the same content on your posts. Rethink how you can show your services or products to brands. For example, if you have a technology company don’t just reshare the image of a product on your page. Share a video showing how the product can be used and its unique features with the last story linking to the web page or how to order.

2. Create Brand-Aligned Stories

All of your stories should stick to your brand guidelines. Users are often just flipping through stories so you need to have content that is instantly recognizable amongst the generic content.

Use your brand colours and fonts and ensure that all your photography aligns with the brand’s overarching look. This increases your brand awareness but it will also make it easier to create stories as you can construct story formats and designs that you can use interchangeably.

For example, specific story designs for sales and different designs for informational stories. This also helps customers know what to expect when they tap on your stories.

3. Use Data to Create a Strategy

One of the greatest resources you have on social media is analytics and it's important to use them wisely. Before you start storyboarding you must look at your story data and see what is working for your audience and other analytics that could help your draw conclusions about your page.

Data you want to look into is:

Under the Insights Tab for stories on Instagram

- Which content pieces got the most engagement

- Impressions for stories over the last few months

- What stories got the most reach

You can also look into the data on each story you post by clicking the graph icon in the views tab. You should look for the same information above but also data such as:

- Shares

- Sticker taps

- Navigation (specifically forwards, next story and exits)

However, you need to also look into generic data such as:

- When your audience is spending time on your page (both days and times)

- Evaluate follows and unfollows based on certain content you may have posted




What are your tips for increasing engagement on stories? Tell us in the comments or better yet be a guest contributor and respond to our article- Send us an email at


Oct 03, 2022
Shahad Ali
Shahad Ali
Oct 03, 2022
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