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Are Instagram Stories Worth it for Businesses?

The benefits of posting to your stories regularly

Twitter now has fleets, LinkedIn now has stories and it all began on Instagram. It is hard not to see the benefit of stories when so many other companies are now developing it on their respective platforms. Since the beginning, Stories have been quite a success on Instagram, the platform suggests that up to 500 million accounts use stories daily.

That number of users daily is why many successful businesses on Instagram post on average twice a week to their stories. The number of users is not the only reason why businesses invest in Instagram stories as a part of their entire Instagram Strategy. Stories are known to help businesses reach their customers and get more clicks and conversions. Before we go into the other benefits of Instagram stories here are some interesting statistics to note:

500M people interact with Instagram Stories every day

58% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories

50% of people have visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service in Stories

4 million businesses use Instagram Story ads monthly

All statistics above are from Instagram.

Now that you have all that data, let us look at the benefits stories can bring to your business and your customers:


Unlike posts, Instagram stories give businesses a place to be a bit more creative and fun in their approach to creating content. It has fewer restraints and more features for businesses to connect to their audience. Businesses can film quick and non-professional videos like behind the scenes stories or simple graphics with polls to get feedback from customers. The pressure to create highly professional imagery is not the same on stories and businesses can gain the benefits of engagement even with the simplest (but effective) content.


With so many users on Stories, businesses can really engage with their audience. They can use features like polls, votes, filters and the swipe up feature to speak more directly with their audience about a variety of topics. Stories are a great way to communicate with your audience about products they like, get feedback on your services and promote sales or promotions. It is one of the best ways to engage and connect to your audience online.

So how do you master the art of a good Instagram Story?

Highly Visual (& Legible) Content

Stories like most content on Instagram have to be highly visual to get people’s attention. So, try and use video content, colours or stickers to enhance the visual appeal of your content. It is also equally important to make sure any wording you include is legible for your audience, so not too small or in a font that can be difficult to read.

Represent YOUR Brand

As we just mentioned the visual aspect of your stories is extremely important and with so much competition on Instagram, your stories must stand out and represent your company. If your brand has a style guide or specific colours in your logo, try and stick to those to help your content be recognized as yours.

Make it Snappy

Similar to any content on Instagram, make it quick. Your message can be conveyed in 3 seconds on stories so you will want to make sure that your content gets across the message as soon as possible in a clear and effective manner.

Put CTAs (Call to Actions) & Links

This is one of the best benefits of stories, you can communicate any products, deals or offers you have and link to them on stories. This is one of the best ways to get that information out to your customers and track the success of your CTA’s and offers by seeing how many “swiped up” or clicked the link in your bio.

In short, use Instagram stories. They are one of the most efficient ways of reaching and communicating to your audience without going over budget!




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