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Creating Effective Branded Social Media Content

Branded social media posts are one of the harder forms of content to perfect. Not only is there competition with other businesses but also each creative piece competes for users’ attention across social media platforms. The truth is, branded content has to be very strategic to work and businesses have to ensure they are not just posting for posting sake.

That being said, there are a few things you can consider before you re-strategize your branded social media content:

1. Have a Brand Voice

Having a clear and defined brand voice is one of the key ways for your businesses to stand out on social media. Many businesses focus on how their imagery will catch their user’s attention, however, the copy and text in the imagery are equally important. It has to be noticeable and distinguishable to your customer base because your brand voice is meant to help online users know when the content, they scroll past belongs to your brand.

A clear brand voice has allowed many companies to stand out against their competition, for example, brands like The Cut and Nike, rely heavily on their carefully curated brand voice and tone. For The Cut, it's concise and humorous and for Nike, it’s inspirational. They evoke this brand voice not only in visual content but also in all wording (both in imagery and copy) and even in the layout of their visual and written content online.

2. Create Sharable Content

Often companies will create branded content with the sole purpose of sales. However, this is should not be the only goal. Companies must also foster other performance indicators such as brand awareness, customer loyalty and customer retention. Each of these factors will require different forms of content. However, a good indicator of effective content is shareable posts. A shareable post will support reach and engagement; however, it will also indicate that your content commands the attention of your audience.

These could be memes that resonate with your industry, blogs that discuss trending industry topics, or infographics that help explain aspects of your business. The aim is not to focus on sales solely but content that is sharable and relevant to your current and potential customer base.

3. Create a Diverse Content

Businesses can often get in a content rut where they repeat a content plan that once worked. However, with the ever-changing landscape of social media, a diverse set of content is often a good way to create engaging posts. Creating new and different types of content will allow you to find that sweet spot of the content that works for your specific audience.

This includes different types of platforms, for example, if you work on Facebook and Instagram try another platform that you know your target audience is using such as TikTok and LinkedIn, and see if it works for you.

Different forms of content is also a factor to consider. Your digital marketing mix should include content that you can create regularly and pique your audience’s interest. For example, food bloggers typically rely on, Instagram posts, quick recipes on Instagram Reels and blogs for all their recipes.

Other forms of content you can consider for your specific business are Reels or TikToks, blog posts, podcasts, memes, infographics, feature pieces, collaborations and webinars.

The more content you create the more reach you can gain. However, the real measure of success is to find the content mix that works for both your business and the audience.






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