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Hotels with the Best social media in St Lucia

Some of the ways hotels in St Lucia make their content stand out online

After Google, social media is the main place future travelers search to decide on their next vacation spot. This is why hotels in St Lucia and other Caribbean islands, must have their social media page with fresh and compelling content to stay abreast of the competition. They must ensure they reach their intended audience and convince them to click “Book Now”

What makes a hotel’s social media stand out online? Here are some of the things we are looking for when analysing the content:

- High-quality videos and photos

- Showcasing user-generated content

- Informational posts to prompt bookings

- Highlights of what users can expect if they visit

- Regularly updated stories that keep viewers entertained or informed

- Informational bios to increase their chances of appearing higher in the platform search results

With that covered, let's look into our picks for the hotels with the best social media pages in St Lucia:

1. Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort

What do we love about their content:

- They have a clearly defined content strategy and brand guidelines

- High-quality videos and images

- Their content focuses on all the luxuries guests can have when they visit

- Regularly updated stories with corresponding Story Highlights and covers

- They have an influencer strategy that ensures they have regularly updated and aesthetic content that is also cross-posted to the influencer's page

- Their stories are always high quality and informational and they use them as a way to prompt bookings or inquiries. For example, a 6-part story about weddings at the resort with the last story linking to their website.

This was one of the best hotel social media pages we have ever seen. This paired with their Google Search Strategy ensures that they are always one of the first options for anyone looking for a beautiful and luxurious hotel on the island.

2. The Rabot Estate

What do we like about their content:

- A clearly defined content strategy that gives their page a consistent look and feel

- Use of St Lucia in their Instaragm name to improve search optimization

- A mix of reels and images

- High-quality images that show viewers the relaxing and luxurious stay they will have when they visit

- User-generated content that fits within their style/content on the page

- Showcasing their other affiliated companies to highlight all the types of experiences available to visitors

- Informational and high-quality story highlights so that new visitors get all the key information they need

Their content mix, informational stories and high-quality images are not only enticing to viewers it also helps retain their followers as they gain more knowledge (and desire to book another trip) when viewing their content.

3. Bay Gardens Resorts

What do we like about their content:

- Use of keywords that users would be looking for on the app, for example, hotel, resort, St Lucia, Rodney Bay and all-inclusive.

- Informational bio and story highlights that would answer all of the visitor's questions

- They use reels a lot which is a key way to organically reach higher on Instagram’s algorithm

- High-quality reels that include drone footage to showcase the features and experiences their resort has to offer

- High-quality images

- A healthy mix of informational and user-generated posts

- Employee highlights

Their bright content, frequent reels and high-quality content are just some of the key ways they stand out amongst competitors online.

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