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How to Get Your Business’s Content on the Instagram Explore Page

Tips and tricks to gain the benefits of being on the Instagram Explore Page

The Instagram Explore Page is one of the best ways for businesses to get more exposure and traction on their website. Instagram reports that:

- 200 million+ daily active accounts use the Explore Page

- 50% of accounts on Instagram use “Explore” each month

- & 83% of users surveyed discovered new products and services on the Explore Page.

There is no doubt that the Explore Page is perfect for organic reach, however, not all businesses understand how to do it.

Let us break it down for you.

First off, what is the Instagram Explore Page?

The Explore Page is accessible through the magnifying glass on the Instagram tabs at the bottom of the screen. It displays a collection of photos, videos, reels and stories that are specifically tailored to the interest of the user. The algorithm for this page works differently from the homepage, as it chooses content based on the user’s activity across the platform. For example, accounts the user follows and content they engage with. It aims to show users new content that is related to their interests.

What are the benefits of the explore page?

Due to how the algorithm works, a business’s content is able to reach users that relate to their desired target audience. Thus, the benefits include:

- Increased engagement

- Increase in followers

- More conversions

How do I get my Social Media Content on the Explore Page?

The truth is there is no way to directly get your content on the page, instead, businesses have to check the “good content” checklist so that the algorithm picks their content.

Here are 3 main practices that will increase your chances of getting on the Explore Page:

1. Understand Your Audience

Having a full understanding of your audience is a great way to ensure that you are making the right content that engages their interest. Businesses must study the demographics and interests of their audience, evaluate the engaging content their competitors are using and new visual tactics that gain traction on the platform. This will help the business understand what is performing well and how they can emulate it. Essentially, businesses want to get inspiration for posts, stories and reels that capture their current and desired audience’s interest. For example, ‘scroll stopping’ content that triggers the user to stop, view the content and hopefully engage by liking or commenting on the material.

Content that engages your audience is the key, which leads us to our next point.

2. Having an Engaged Audience

Continual engagement on your page is a vital step to get on the Explore Page. The more community engagement and active interactions on the page, the higher the chances are that the algorithm will understand your audience and recommend your page to “look-alike” audiences on the Explore page. An engaged audience is measured through likes, comments, direct messages, polls, votes and shares.

3. Use Relevant Tags

Another key to the Explore Page is tags. The Explore Page is the space where users often search for specific keywords, hashtags and locations, thus content that makes it to the page should fill out these categories. Your posts must include geotags, relevant hashtags, and tags of business partners associated with the post. This can include the photographers or company partners for a specific campaign.

While there is no direct way to get on the Explore Page companies can use this “recipe” to increase their chances of getting on the page and consequently more engagement on their posts.






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