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How to Increase Engagement on Social Media

Tips to get more engagement with your audience on Facebook & Instagram

Recent statistics show that there are more people online in Trinidad and Tobago, especially on social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, more than ever. This may seem like great news to marketers and companies advertising on social media however, more people online also means more competition online.

The ability to engage your audience with competing content has become increasingly difficult for companies online. However, there are some simple tips companies can try to spruce up their content for their digital audience.

1. Testing 1, 2, 3 ….

Despite social media being a frequent medium for both local businesses and users, there is still no set “best practice” for all brands. The best way for a company to see what works for them and their audience is to test various forms of content and analyze their engagement.

Not sure where to start when it comes to testing content? Here are some ideas:

Memes: Try creating memes or quotes related to your company or even your industry and customers. This can be a funny meme you saw about your company/industry online that you repost or something that you come up with yourself.

User-Generated Content (UGC): check your tagged content on stories or posts and repost them, this is a great way to get free content that shows your product/service in use, while simultaneously promoting reputable testimonials for your company.

Infographics: This can be used to show statistics related to your industry or company or some information about how your product is used, either way, this is a great way to give your customers some relevant information and increase your engagement.

One of the most important factors when experimenting is to measure the performance of your tested content. For starters, have a time frame for the experiment. Based on your experiment you can determine the time that suits you, however, a month is usually a sufficient amount of time.

Within that time frame, you also need to monitor your analytics. This can easily be done by going into the “insights” tab on your profile on either Facebook or Instagram and gauging the performance of the post through analytics. Some of these include posts likes, saves, comments, shares and the general rate of engagement they give you.

Instagram Post:

2. 3, 2, 1 … Action

Video has 38% more engagement than regular content on social media, therefore any video content you put out there is likely to perform better. Many companies can be intimidated by video content however, it is important not to overthink it. Yes, the video content should be HQ but that doesn’t mean it has to be shot in studio and 10 minutes long. Short-form videos perform just as well. It is just important to ensure that the video is clear, short and interesting to the viewer. For example, a short video showing products getting delivered or new products available.

There are also a lot of great applications that help companies (especially smaller companies) create visually intriguing videos. We recommend:


3. Use Stories

Stories are one of the main ways companies engage with their audience. It is also a great space to learn more about your followers and have more fun with the type of content you post. Here are some ways you can engage with your audience through stories:

Take Polls or Quizzes: Instagram has stickers that offer these features so use them with your audience, you can take quizzes to test your audience's knowledge about your product or service or even take polls to see which of your products your audience prefers. These features are meant to be for fun so you should use them as such!

Repost Content: this can be anything you find interesting that pertains to your company, memes, or User Generated Content (UGC) from your followers.

Countdown Sticker: do you have a launch of a new product or service? Then use the countdown sticker to inform your followers and keep them interested until you release it. You can also leave hints about what it may be and ask them to guess.

Instagram Post:

4. Create “Shareable” & “Saveable” Content

One of the main ways you know your content is performing well is through comments, shares and saves. The key to creating this content is by creating posts that inform people and makes them want to visit that post again. Some companies opt to do this through infographics that give valuable information to their audience while other companies, like fashion companies, invest in strong visual imagery that people will want to save for inspiration or future purchase. The aim should be to create something that the customer in your respective industry will value or learn from.

Instagram Post:

5. Reveal more about your business

Customers like to know more about the companies that they are purchasing from or even the process of making the product and delivering the service. Giving small insights into how your company runs and operates will go a long way especially for engagement. This can be anything from employee spotlights, showing how products are made or a story about how the company came about. Find some way to reveal a little more about the company and the inner workings of the company that feels in tune with the brand. Customers often appreciate it and feel they can trust your brand a little more.

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