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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Business Page

With several business profiles, finding a way to make a statement on LinkedIn can be challenging. The platform requires careful consideration and planning to make an impact. However, businesses often neglect the simple ways that they can optimize their page before fully diving into their LinkedIn content strategy.

Here are important and effective tactics to implement t on your LinkedIn page:

1. Include Relevant Keywords in Your Profile

The use of Keywords is an important tactic on any social media profile. They play a crucial role on LinkedIn given its high organic traction. Using keywords ensures that people can easily find your business page when a user is searching for services related to your industry. The use of effective keywords can also increase your general reach among users who desire your skills and competencies.

This is particularly important in the Summary and Overview of your profile. While your summary needs to be concise and to the point, your overview allows you to expand on your company’s services, ethos, values and more.

Your keywords have to relate to your industry. If you are having trouble thinking of what words will work, consider words that people would search for to find your product or service.

For example, if your company is in Human Resourcing or recruiting you will want to use words such as staffing, recruiting and the country or area that you are in. If your company is in the Information Technology industry, you would want to use words such as IT Services, software and even technology services.

2. Use LinkedIn Features to Increase Engagement

Like any social media platform, using platform-specific features will always benefit your engagement. For example, the organic engagement businesses receive from leveraging Instagram reels can also be seen on LinkedIn as they have tools to increase reach and customer interaction.

Some of these include:

- LinkedIn Polls: ask simple questions related to your industry or that relate to your audience, this is a great way to interact with customers and get more engagement.

- LinkedIn Live: hosting virtual events, interviews or live questions and answers can increase immediate engagement and can provide you with future content for your page.

- LinkedIn Stories: use these regularly to make short-form content. Lead viewers to your blog, share behind-the-scenes content or post quick informational stories.

- Their blog feature: you can create industry-specific articles or quick reads for your page. These blogs also have good SEO on Google.

3. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are often a neglected form of community building on the platform and they can be an incredible way to build more connections and keep on top of trends in your specific industry.

Search for any words related to your industry. For example, if you are in the communication industry search for PR or social media in the search bar and press enter. When your search results appear, you can then click the Groups tab and see what groups pique your interest.

Join the groups, take some time and read about their discussions and observations and more importantly engage with other businesses and people in the group.

Ensure that you are sharing content that is relevant to conversations happening in the group or about trends in the industry, but do not “hard sell” your product or service. These groups are not meant to increase your sales but more so, to increase your brand awareness and illustrate your industry insight.

They are meant to help you gain more industry connections and keep you in the loop of industry trends.

Do you think we missed any other great tactics that can be implemented on LinkedIn? Tell us in the comments or better yet be a guest contributor and respond to our article- Send us an email at Oh! And follow us on LinkedIn: @ConnectivePros

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