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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Business Page for a Trinidad & Tobago Audience

Simple and strategic tips to get more traction on your LinkedIn Business Page

A LinkedIn Business Page is a digital touchpoint where customers, partners and even potential employees will receive the first impression of your business. Therefore, it is important to have a page that reflects the business, its core functions, products, services and values. The content shared must be informative, interesting and engaging to the viewer.

In Trinidad and Tobago, businesses cover all the bases of a business LinkedIn page but to really make an impact requires a few practices that local businesses often neglect. Apart from the more well-known factors, like the use of high-quality graphics, consistent posts and extended captions, there are other more strategic pathways to ensure that your page gets additional traction on the platform.

Here are three practices to implement on your Business LinkedIn Page to receives more engagement and views:

1. Include Keywords Relevant to Your Industry

Similar to SEO on Google, using keywords on a business profile helps LinkedIn understand the business and results with an optimized search query b end-users. The areas where these keywords are most useful are in the actual name of the business, for example, Spotify includes Music in its name and Netflix includes entertainment.

There is not much space in this particular section so it is important to use the main keyword related to your industry. In other areas of your profile, like the overview and the summary, is where you can expand on the company and include a lot more keywords relevant to the company.

To find the keywords suited for your business look at what people in your industry are using on their profile or use SEO websites to find keywords relevant to your business across platforms like Ahrefs and Semrush.

2. Share Valuable Content

LinkedIn content has to be engaging due to how interactions work on the platform. This means that local companies can’t push generic content on the platform. Additional tactics must be implemented into the content on LinkedIn. The best way to discover what content works is to establish the thought-provoking goal of using LinkedIn and let that goal guide your content.

For example, if your company is using LinkedIn to recruit more employees, content such as employee features or details into the genesis of the company will be more effective.

Whereas, a goal to find new clients or customers, will require content like blogs related to the company, data insights or thought-provoking posts about the industry. Similar to any online platform, you should check the data on your posts to evaluate performance.

3. Cross-Promote Your Channels

If you have an online channel that performs well, you can link your LinkedIn to encourage your supporters to follow your business page. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, email lists or newsletters, you can use your active platforms to promote your LinkedIn.

This is a great technique to use as you already have access to an audience who engages with your brand. In the ideal world, the content we produce should be made specifically for the platform that is hosting the content. For example, the call to action and directions you want to give your audience may differ from Facebook vs Instagram. Thus, several practitioners often create content that is compatible with all platforms, thus saving time and money. If you are introducing a LinkedIn Business page, you will have to consider the requirements of this platform. It will ensure that your cross-promotion is seamless.

Overall, in conjunction with the key points aforementioned, the likelihood of your audience seeing your LinkedIn business page is positively correlated to the effective use of keywords, quality posts, thought-provoking ideas and consistency.






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