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Instagram Analytics Small Businesses Should Pay Attention To

Analytics your company should be using to make marketing decisions

Instagram Analytics are an incredibly valuable resource for businesses. They provide an insight into both a business’s audience and the success of their marketing strategies and campaigns. However, often when businesses post frequently, they can neglect their analytics and they overlook the benefit it can provide to their overall marketing goals.

Why are Instagram Analytics Important?

Instagram analytics are a great way of tracking the success of social media posts or campaigns. Once you have a registered business account on Instagram you have access to this data by clicking on the Insights tab on your profile. This tab will open and show you all the analytics about your page over a period of time. In reality, marketing campaigns should be influenced by their analytics because they reveal what is working for your business and what is not working.

What Analytics You Should be Looking at:

You must decide what the goal of your marketing is on the platform. Is it exposure? Website clicks? Is it engagement with your target audience? Once you have decided this then you can check your analytics and measure the success. Here are some key analytics you should be looking at on your Insight page:

  1. Average Age of Users

  2. Post with the Most Engagement

  3. Gender of your Audience

  4. Interactions (specifically the days and times of interactions)

  5. Follower Count

  6. Website Clicks

  7. Profile Visits

  8. Branded Hashtags

  9. Impressions (is the total number of times your content was displayed to Instagram users)

  10. Reach (the total number of people who have seen your ad/content)

  11. Mentions (the number of times other users mentioned your account on Instagram)

Ok, I have looked at my analytics .. now what?

Depending on your marketing goal or issues you may be having, your analytics can then act as a guide for your business and its overall marketing goal.

Brand Awareness & More Followers

Let’s say your business wants to build more brand awareness, you will want to focus on metrics like reach, impressions, follower count and profile visitors. These are measurements for the number of people who are seeing your content and coming to your page to learn more about your business. This is a great way to get a better idea of how many people saw your content and showed an interest in your business and what it offers.


If you want to track how your posts are performing with your desired target audience then you can focus on analytics like the posts with the most engagement, gender and age of audience, the days and times you get the most interactions, website clicks, branded hashtags and mentions. Now that is a lot to look at but you will know which of these pertain to your business. These analytics will give you a clearer idea of the type of people who engage with your post, when they engage with your posts, and what posts they like to see. This will all help you form a great understanding of your audience and what content will be successful with them. This is in turn will help you build a more robust and successful marketing/post schedule that will help you achieve your desired result.

Campaign Success

To determine the success of your marketing to get people to purchase your goods or services, then focus on analytics like website clicks, profile visits and mentions. These are the best ways of seeing what posts pulled people in. Website clicks from posts show if that post was successful in enticing people to purchase your product or service. Profile visits will show how an ad drew people in to want to learn more about your business or the offer you showed them and mentions often reveal customer feedback as users will often post your product or service on their page and how they used it or if they were dissatisfied.

Instagram Analytics are a great resource that small business should not take for granted, not only will you learn more about the success of your marketing but you will also get some key insights into you online audience!






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