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Instagram Engagement Tips for Trinidad and Tobago Businesses: 2023 edition

Are you struggling to get more likes, comments, and followers on Instagram this year? With TikTok's popularity, more competition and lower user retention, it can take time to stand out and increase engagement.

In this blog, we'll dive into the world of Instagram engagement and share tips, tricks, and strategies to help you boost your engagement and reach your target audience. We'll explore everything you need to know to make your Instagram account more engaging and effective in 2023.

1. Time to Swap Out Your Strategy

Every time we think we have our digital strategy down, platforms, trends and user behaviours change. To keep up with all of this you need to always be ready to make modifications to your digital strategy.

This means continually, taking a look at your statistics, seeing what is working and what is not and comparing it with trends on the application.

For example, you may have noticed less engagement on your static post but increased views and responses on your stories. This together with your observations/research that Instagram is pushing reels, will make you restrategize with a clear plan in mind. This must result in you putting your budget and content towards more stories per week and reels per month and lower static posts on your page.

While we all like consistency, social media doesn’t. Thus, is imperative for businesses to always review their analytics, keep on top of application trends and make changes where necessary.

This does require quite a bit of time and knowledge. If you feel a bit lost or unclear you should look into hiring an agency to consult you or even provide you with a 3-month strategy to help you get out of an engagement slump. (*cough* cough* Connective Pros *cough*cough*)

2. Embrace Video - Because it's here to Stay

Trinidad and Tobago businesses can be very reluctant to put their budget towards video content. However, TikTok’s success has changed the game for many other apps and video content is continually getting more engagement and views.

In fact, video must now be the top priority for many companies. This could be low-budget videos done in-house, however, you can also higher freelancers or agencies to handle your video content.

Businesses with robust social media strategies film video content every 3 months and ensure they have enough content for 1 video a week (at minimum).

We know this has been said but this is now the time to jump on the trend before you get left behind. Come up with a few simple video ideas and start there.

You’ll be amazed at how it overperforms your static and even paid content.

3. Change up your posting schedule

When looking for new ways to engage your audience you have to look at every part of your strategy and see what modifications will help.

This includes small aspects such as hashtags used and the times posted. Instagram analytics will indicate when your page gets the most engagement. However, you must also pay particular attention to Instagram’s app analytics.

For example, Later found out that Mondays are the best time to post reels. While Hootsuite’s research shows that “the universal best time to post on Instagram is 11 AM on Wednesdays”.

Change up your posting schedule a bit based on the information you find on your personal account and online and this could greatly increase the visibility of your content.

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