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Is Email Marketing Worth It?

Here are some reasons why email marketing should be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Yes, it is and here is why.

Email marketing has continually been one of the most successful ways to retain customers online. Unlike other forms of digital marketing the strategy for success is a bit different but before we get into the best practices of email marketing here are some reasons why you should be investing your time and energy into email marketing:

● Emails have a very high return on investment, DMA reports that for every $1 you spend on email marketing you can make an average return of $42.

● You can reach your consumers where they are already looking since most people check their emails daily.

● Email sales are not too intrusive like other forms of advertising because the consumer chooses to sign up for your email subscription.

● You can engage with your already interested consumers and thus it is one of the best ways to attract and retain your customers.

● Email marketing is ideal for any size business.

Now that you have an idea of the benefits of email marketing, here are some of the best practices to ensure you have a successful email marketing campaign:

  1. Don’t spam people

Email marketing is not social media posting, you shouldn’t be sending emails every day and spamming your audience. A great practice is letting your subscribers know how many emails to expect when they sign up. Are your emails weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or just when you have special offers? This manages your customer’s expectations and it helps you keep accountability for when you should send your emails.

  1. Brand your emails

Similar to all digital marketing you want to ensure that your content is noticeable by your brand. You will still have competition in the email space so you want content that people recognize is your brand from the time they open it.

  1. Make your email quick and easy to read

No one, whether it’s a promotion or for work likes a long email. Opt for an email that is to the point, clearly worded and sectioned off. You want your subject line to be clear or entice the person to click the email. Then have the information simply worded and clearly formatted in the email itself.

  1. Tailor your message to your audience

Email marketing can be trial and error but when you are crafting your email have your audience in mind. Think about what they may want and what they should know. For example, would your customers like coupons or how-to guides on how to use the product or service? Equally, what do they need to know about your business, for example, company announcements, deals, promotions or a weekly newsletter.

  1. Always, Always have a Call-to-Action (CTA)

In your email, you want to ensure that you provide links to your other digital mediums. Whether that be a website to purchase goods, blogs or your social media pages. You want to give your consumers the ability to get more information about what you are offering or get more clicks to your page/website.

  1. Schedule your Emails

Emails should be a part of your larger marketing strategy so you will want to ensure your newsletter, coupon or promotions etc are in line with the communications on your other channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc). Most email marketing platforms will allow you to schedule your email beforehand.

  1. Have an unsubscribe button in your emails and make it clear

You should always ensure that your email has an opt-out button. Subscribers will want to always have that option. It should also be clear and not difficult to find for the viewer. Whether that be at the end of the email or in the fine print.

  1. Aim to send your emails at “ideal” times

Have your audience in mind when it comes to deciding what time is best to send them emails. For example, if you have a lunch offer you may want to send it in the morning or right before lunch, around 11 am. However, many social media experts suggest the ideal times in most countries are 5 am to 8 am or 7 pm to 9 pm.

  1. Be honest in your subject line

Don’t have an enticing subject line with no benefits to the consumer in the email itself. Have a clearly worded subject line that both attracts and lets them know exactly what is in the email when they open it. More importantly, ensure you don’t go over the word limit. 9 words are the suggested limit.

Example: Get 20% off of everything on our website.

  1. Split test your email

If you are now starting email marketing or trying to rebrand your email marketing, split testing is one of the best ways to test the strength of your strategy. All you have to do is split your email list into two and send one group your original email and send the other group a different version. The different vision can have simple changes like the subject line, the CTA or even the design. This is a great way to test what appeals more to your specific audience.

Email marketing is essential to any digital marketing strategy. Once you are in tune with your audience and follow these guidelines you are sure to get a lot of traction from it!






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