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Is Pinterest Marketing Worth it for Your Business?

Pinterest is one of the largest social media networks out there. However, it is not often a first-choice platform for marketing online. That doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Pinterest is like many other platforms that has a specific recipe for success.

Let’s look into the platform and evaluate whether or not it is a good fit for your business:

Important factors to know about Pinterest:

  1. Pinterest is a predominantly female used app. Hootsuite reported that in 2021, their active users were 60% women. Although it did note that the gender divide is narrowing.

  2. The same Hootsuite report stated that “Women aged 25-34 represent 30.4% of Pinterest’s ad audience.

  3. The platform is an extremely visual platform, it almost entirely relies on visual imagery as opposed to other social media platforms that rely heavily on copy.

  4. The page sees more success for B2C companies rather than B2B companies.

  5. Pinterest is known for higher levels of conversions and extremely high engagement (with the right content).

  6. In 2020, Statista reported that Pinterest was the second most popular social media website in Trinidad and Tobago based on, “share of visits.”

All of that considered, here are some questions to ask yourself before pursuing the platform.

1. Is Your Target Audience There?

First things first, look at your analytics. Whether it is from your website, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media website, gather your analytics and see whether your target audience matches Pinterest users. If your business targets millennials and Gen-Z women, then this is one of the best platforms to reach them. Finding out this data also makes it easier for you to decipher whether Pinterest is worth your time and money to invest in.

2. Is Your Industry Successful on Pinterest

Certain industries do see more success on the platform than others. It is worth investigating the levels of success within your specific industry. For example, fashion, food, non-profits and artist tend to perform better on Pinterest. This can easily be found online or by checking keywords related to your industry and evaluating how they have performed on the platform.

3. Do your Goals Match Pinterest Analytics

Every business uses social media platforms for specific reasons. Joining a platform with set intentions and goals is a great way to have direction and measure success in the future. In the case of Pinterest, however, it is particularly beneficial to companies that want to gain more website clicks, conversions and engagement with their content. If those are not your goals then it might not be the best place to invest your time in.

Pinterest is for ME! But how do I succeed on the platform?

1. Use Pinterest Business

If you are going to use the platform for marketing then you should definitely sign up for Pinterest business. It is free, it gives users tips for creating effective content on their platform and insights into how their posts are performing. It is a great tool to use as you try to navigate the platform and try to achieve your marketing goals.

2. Create Platform-Specific Content

Pinterest is a visual platform. However, the visual criteria for success is completely different to other popular platforms. The content has to be extremely eye-catching to compete with the other visual content on the platform. It also has to be sharable and inspirational content, meaning, content that users will want to pin or share. The guidelines from Pinterest Business will help you construct strong visuals however, it is important for businesses to think about content that creates value for their users. For example, short, aesthetically pleasing videos of your product in use.

Pinterest is a great platform and if it suits your target audience it is definitely worth investing in. However, like any social media website, do your research and make sure it’s the right fit for you and your customers.

Has your business been successful on Pinterest? Share your page with us below. Let’s have a short interview with you. We would love to feature you on our weekly blog.






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