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Is TikTok Right For My Caribbean Business?

TikTok has become one of the most widely used apps around the world and in Trinidad and Tobago it is no different. The social networking service that is solely focused on short form video-sharing is expected to have 1 billion monthly active users by 2021 alone. So, it does not come as a surprise why many international companies are jumping on the platform.

Even Caribbean brands are attempting to get their foot in the door but before your company ventures on to the platform, there are a few things that you should consider.

Know Your Audience

Successful digital campaigns come from a clear understanding of the desired audience. This helps companies understand their target market, what they want and most importantly what apps they are using. While some Caribbean companies have opted to go on every platform to make themselves known, this is not always best practise. It is

far more beneficial for the company to focus their attention on the platforms their customers will be using the most. So first you need to know the demographics of your audience, especially their age.

TikTok has reported that 41% of their audience is between the ages of 16-24 years old and roughly 50% are reported to be under 34 years of age. So, it goes without saying that the platform is targeted and tailored for a young audience and this is not a surprise given that the creators specifically targeted that generation.

This needs to be considered by Caribbean businesses before using the platform. If the target audience of the company is young then it is definitely worth the investment but as the statistics show it will not be fruitful for a business that is trying to capture a mature audience.

TikTok Content

Once your company has solidified that your audience is on the platform then you have to understand the type of content that exists there. TikTok works differently to other platforms and it is important to keep your content simple, creative and fun. The great benefit of the platform is that companies do not have to invest a ton of money into the platform. The content is easy to record on a smartphone and editable in the app.

It also functions similarly to other social platforms in that companies can create their own content but they can also benefit from influencer marketing especially with some popular regional TikTok stars.

If your company wants to have a more aggressive TikTok campaign then you can opt for the companies advertising options which include:

● In Feed Ads: ads that appear between user videos.

● Brand Takeovers: ads that appear when users open the app.

● Top View Ads: first in-feed posts/ads that appear after 3 seconds of being on the platform.

● Hashtag Challenges: where you pay to promote the companies hashtag on the platform.

● Branded Effects: branded stickers, filters and lenses on the app.

These ad features are great for businesses seeking brand awareness and engagement with the younger generation in the region. Especially, if the company is searching for more user generated content or desires a more creative and fun dimension to their digital campaign.

While TikTok can be intimidating for many Caribbean businesses it is a really valuable platform to reach the younger audience. If businesses remember to keep their content fun, simple and in line with their brand identity it can really be beneficial in reaching and connecting with the younger and digitally savvy Caribbean generation.

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