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Last Minute Christmas Content Ideas for Your Social Media Pages

Christmas is here and while many businesses have their Christmas content prepared and scheduled, some companies need extra ideas to add to their content calendar. While Christmas is generally a good time for sales, there is still a need for businesses to maintain top of mind awareness among their target audiences during the season.

Here are some ideas to make some effective Christmas content over the season:

1. Gift Guides

As Christmas approaches many customers are looking for easy to buy gifts for their loved ones. One of the best ways to show your target audience why your product is a great gift is to tell them who it would be great for. Many small businesses have done this and come up with “giftee” personas. For example, The Perfect Gifts for “the Tech-Savvy Guy” or headlines like the Perfect Gifts for Your Mom.

These suggestions are a great way to help customers who are shopping around for their friends or family. Equally, it is important to ensure that the swipe up links and link in bios to the product page are all created and easy for the user to navigate.

However, this is not only limited to social media posts and stories. You can also create:

- Blog Posts: You can expand more on the products and their features and link to the product pages.

- Facebook Carousels: through this format, you can both show the products and link each block to the specific product or service shown.

- Web Page: a website page dedicated to Christmas discounts and highlighted products can also help show the products that you want to push during the season. It can also be the landing page that you are linking all your social media ads and content to.

- Stories: Facebook and Instagram stories are a great format to highlight gift guides, however, if you are looking for engagement you can also feature a “Gift Guide Q&A” or a “This or That” poll for your products.

2. Christmas Giveaways

Giveaways are always a great way to increase your engagement or give back to your followers. During giveaways, the company should give away products or services that are in demand by clients. Smaller businesses in Trinidad and Tobago tend to collaborate with other small businesses for a giveaway to increase the prize and mutually increase their followers and engagement.

As with any giveaway, there should be a theme, in this case, it could be Christmas colours or a list of products perfect for a gift to someone. The copy should also be very clear about how users can be considered and when the winners will be announced. The criteria to sign up should also not be too complicated for users to understand.

3. Engaging Content that Relates to Your Products or Industry

One of the best ways to show your Christmas products is to use engaging formats that work for your specific industry. For example, If you are in the food and beverage industry then posting Christmas recipes with your product or a cooking video can be very effective.

You would have seen what other brands in your industry do to create engaging content so you can use some of those techniques and adjust it for your audience. Examples in other industries are themed playlists for the music industry or Tips for Staying Safe During the Season in the Safety and Security Industry. There are also Christmas Lookbooks for the fashion industry.

Other practices can work for a variety of industries, for example, how-to videos with products and influencer collaborations. The goal is to find the perfect way to both reach and engage your audience.

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