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What does it mean to be a Connective Pro Affiliate?

How would it feel to be part of the reason someone succeeds or gets an opportunity for the job of their dreams? If you join our network of like-minded professionals, this can be a reality for you!

We can allow you the opportunity to be innovative and creative. You can have access to our network with opportunities to interact with the public and inform them how they can develop themselves, their personal brand or their business. Impact lives with the support that can foster your personal growth. We will provide you with knowledge of our services, and how to effectively market our brand to your network.

As you land each successful client, we will pay you a commission! You will have your own discount code, whereby you can provide your contact a personal discount of 10% on all our services. The more services you land for us, the more residual income you will be able to make! The Connective Pros platform is not meant to be a chore, but rather a point of discussion.

Our creative and innovative résumé designs have been one of our top sellers and we are known for giving our clients a step into the interview room. We have worked with doctors, lawyers and entry-level professionals who attest to our efficiency and effectiveness. If you as a Connective Pros Affiliate were to mention our service to a colleague who is seeking a job, as soon as they make their down payment, you get paid!

This is just one of several branding and business solutions that we offer. Your network may have a preference for one service as oppose to the other. The needs of an entrepreneur will differ from the needs of a job seeker. Your task is to analyze your network and figure out which services will appeal to them the most. Once you have determined this, you can sell our services easily, hassle-free, with no contractual obligations to us.

How can I apply to be a Connective Pros Affiliate?

Our Connective Pros team is working tirelessly to launch this programme early this year! The process will be simple:

Step 1: Apply via a Google Form by answering simple questions

Step 2: Approved within seven business days.

Step 3: Receive: Digital Tool Kit , Free Marketing Manual and Discount Code

Step 4: Successfully sell your first service!

Step 5. Provide us with your bank account details and get paid!

Stay tuned to our Social Media feeds! We will be launching our Connective Pros Affiliate Programme soon!

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