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Think Big Business

The article below is in response to our last blog post titled ‘So you want to start a Business’. The article below takes a different point of view on leveraging a network to gain the success desired by an entrepreneur. If you would like to be a guest contributor to our blog, send us your article of 500-700 words to

Starting your own business is definitely where it all begins. As millennials, as professionals and due to the surge of the internet age, it is almost impossible to survive on one income more so to depend on someone else for your financial security.

However, as an entrepreneur myself, I will recommend anyone to seek network marketing in the information age as their business venture since the world has now more than ever been operating online.

We all market our products or services to a network or target audience. Now you should seek the opportunity to provide a product or service that will promote repeat customers and be recession proof. Now is an ideal time to test your business plan and products and ensure it will be able to overcome unprecedented times such as during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I agree, look for a need and solve the problem; be the solution. Many business moguls will attest that any business success and failure lies in the ability to solve real world problems that affect people daily and provides a better way of living for its consumers. For example, Uber and Rideshare solved the problem of reliable transportation.

However, you don't want to be a slave to your customers while having your own job as a self-employed person. Reason being, most small businesses with great ideas and solutions rarely develop into big businesses since it lacks scalability and ease of duplication.

Hence, think big business. Better yet look at franchising but in the information age where you duplicate through persons. Therefore, each individual connected to your network is in business for themselves using the blueprint of the company that has been successful and has a significant track record most likely for the past 30 years onward.

Furthermore, the business you desire to be in partnership with should provide educational services. You should be taught how to run a successful business from other business owners who also run successful businesses in the SAME industry. The key is obtaining a real world business education. Hence obtaining a MBA is fantastic, however are you now trained to be a successful business owner or trained to effectively manage someone else’s business for the rest of your life?

Point in fact: Sit at the feet of a mentor. Seek a mentor or coach who have been there, done that and is now willing to wholeheartedly lead you through the valley that they have overcome since someone else would have mentored them along the way. You are reminded of the African Proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together.”

Therefore, starting your own business should not end with how can I work for myself for the rest of my life but rather how do I create an asset that can pay me for the rest of my life?

I encourage you to identify your core values, principles and purpose and ensure the business opportunity provides a vehicle to achieve your life goals and most importantly fulfill your God-given purpose.

Carla Victor


About Carla Victor: Carla has a Bachelor's Degree in English and a Diploma in Public Relations with a background in Teaching and Public Administration. She loves helping others but soon she realized that she can make a bigger impact if she has more time and the right resources. Carla gets the option every day to open the door to someone else who, like her, wanted to start their own business but did not want to merely be self-employed. For further guidance or discussion on her journey thus far and the impact achieved, she can be contacted at

Our Connective Pros team offers several business solutions in Public Relations, Marketing, Media and Communications. When we provide tools to you, we want you to understand the most effective methods on how to use them. We want you to receive the best mileage from every product or service that you purchase from us. If you are still unsure you can always contact us via and we will happy to provide you with additional details on all our services.

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