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TikTok Ideas for Caribbean Businesses That Don’t Know Where To Start

TikTok can be a powerful platform for promoting small businesses and engaging with potential customers. However, it can often feel intimidating to start and challenging to maintain. There is no denying the app's immense popularity and influence and like many things in social media it requires users to jump in, try and experiment to find their content sweet spot.

Before we go into the tips, let's first address the basics:

  1. Like any social media page, you MUST have a content calendar. If you want to start small by posting 3-4 videos a month that's perfectly fine but you must ensure to create a 3-month calendar with ideas and include dates for filming and deadlines for editing and posting.

  2. STOP thinking that going viral is the true determinant of success on the app. Like any platform, it has to be used to reach your target audience and in many cases what you really want to gain is their trust, awareness and loyalty.

  3. Spend time on the app and follow businesses whose content you like - this is where you are going to get your inspiration and guidance for content. (It’s also where you are going to find trending audio 😉)

With that done, let's highlight some unique TikTok video ideas specifically tailored for businesses that aren't sure where to start:

1. Product Highlights and Demonstrations

At the end of the day, you are trying to sell your product. Let’s not forget that. Customers of today also do research online before purchasing products thus presenting as much information as possible about your products or service online is a great benefit to your business and target audience.

What Can that Content Look Like:

  1. Product Highlight of the Week: Showcasing products, their unique features, prices and even demos on how they can be used. Many local pharmacies do this on TikTok and their comment sections speak for themselves.

  2. Show how your product can solve a problem or enhance an aspect of the customer’s life. For example, a recent popular TikTok video was of a local variety shop showing how their mosquito catcher works and its benefits in comparison to other mosquito-killing products.

2. Time Lapse Videos

Looking for easy videos to do? A time-lapse is a great option. The best part is that you can use it for a variety of things. Here are just some of your options:

● Packing goods

● Showing you unwrapping new stock

● Showing the process of what you or your employees do

● Packing customers orders

● Showing the process of how your product is made or how your service works

● The day in the life of your team members

3. Tips and Hacks

Have any valuable tips, tricks and hacks related to your products, service or even industry? This information can be very helpful and customers are always drawn to information that can make their lives easier or better.

Examples of how you can use this:

  1. Hacks using your products, for example, if you sell house cleaning products make a video about the multi-use of some cleaning products or tips for cleaning their room or bathroom better with it.

  2. Tips about your industry: for example, an IT company or service, can share tips about how people can avoid hacking online. In the end, there is also the opportunity to plug their service into a solution.

  3. Basic Tips: let's use a food company for example, they can make a simple video about how customers can reheat their food, the best sauce-to-food combos and even recommendations for people who want to try something new.

Got a better TikTok idea you want to share? Comment below - the more the merrier!

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