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Tips For Building Your Personal Brand Online In 2021

Personal Branding has been increasing in popularity in the Caribbean, especially as more businesses and business activity have gone online in 2020. As 2021 quickly approaches it is important to ensure that your personal brand is strong and maintained to remain competitive in the market. But first...

What is a “Personal Brand?”

Simply put personal branding is the process of marketing people and their professions as a brand. It is essentially the way someone promotes themselves online and even offline to maintain or even develop a reputation and image.

It has become more popular in recent years as more people start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. It has especially become more predominant with social media as these platforms allow personal branding to flourish.

With that in mind here are 3 tips for building your personal brand online in the Caribbean:

Define your Audience

Before building your personal brand think clearly and cleverly about your audience. First, ask yourself, “who do I want to reach?”. For example, are you trying to reach recruiters or are you looking for clients? This is very important to know as it will define your entire personal branding journey, for example, the way you brand yourself as someone targeting job recruiters will be completely different to the way you present yourself as a freelance photographer looking for clients. Once you have clearly defined your target audience then you can decide what platforms and the type of content that you need to promote.

● Find the Social Media Platforms that work for you!

Once you have solidified your audience, think about what platforms they utilize. Rather than wasting time on multiple platforms, sit down and think about where your competitors are and most importantly, where your target audience will be. For example, if you are a writer you may realize that Medium and Twitter are great spaces for you or let’s say you are in the skincare industry then you may notice you get more traction on Instagram or Facebook. Choosing what platforms to focus on will help you efficiently invest your time and gain the benefits by directly reaching your desired target audience.

Create and maintain a Digital Portfolio

Once you know your audience and the platforms you want to use then you need to create a space to present your product or service. Especially, as more Caribbean consumers and recruiters are looking for services and employees online, it is important to have a digital space that showcases both who you are and most importantly what you can produce. This can be a website with all your work, people you have worked with and information about yourself, or you can create a well-curated LinkedIn Profile that includes a proper image of you, a dynamic and concise résumé and a profile that is actively being updated. It is vital that you have some sort of landing page for yourself online for people to find you easily but more importantly to display your skills and work.

Personal Branding can be an intimidating venture but once you have solidified these three steps you will be on a great path to developing your personal brand! It is important to remember who you are reaching and most importantly being yourself!

Not sure how to start your Personal Branding Journey? Connective Pros can help! Contact us via our website or send us an email at to get a consultancy for your own Personal Brand!

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