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Who has been Selling Food Best Online in Trinidad and Tobago?

Locally companies that are selling their good effectively online

Food is an enormous part of Trinidad and Tobago’s culture. From local foods like doubles, roti, pelau (the list could truly go on forever) to foreign foods like sushi, gyros and burgers they all continue to be a large part of our lifestyle. Therefore, it is no surprise that some of the top social media pages, websites and apps locally are food services.

With so much competition within the food industry, it is becoming extremely important for local food brands to have a good digital presence. That being said, we thought we would choose some companies that we think are solidifying their brand online.

Here are some of our top picks:


WrapWorks Deli is a food company that sells wraps, burritos, tacos & bowls flavoured with a variety of vegetables and sauces. They have stores and a digital ordering system.

So, what are they doing well?

  1. User-Friendly Website: their website is easy to navigate, they offer both pickup and delivery at all their outlets and they have online payments with credit card and a cash/debit card option upon delivery or pickup.

  2. Social Media: Regularly updated with quality photos of their actual food (i.e not stock photos), easy access to the menu on both Instagram and Facebook, includes customer reviews and information about any updates in the company (new menu items or change of times for holidays etc).

Overall WrapWorks ensures that when customers come to their social media page they have a seamless experience. Customers can easily get the information they want (how to order, menu etc) and order it quickly with various payment options. The last part is important to note, as many locals do not have access to a credit card.

Lola’s Food Company

Lola’s is a dine-in and takeaway food company that has, “a focus on fresh, locally grown ingredients”. Their menu is specifically for breakfast and lunch and includes a variety of options from black pudding to fried chicken.

Here is what they are doing well:

  1. Social Media: Simple layout that consists of high-quality photos of their food, informational posts and easy access to menus.

  2. Delivery Options: They use both Food Drop & Skip D Line to give delivery options to their customers.

Lola’s hits on a similar note to Wrap Works as they ensure that customers have a seamless experience from finding the menu to placing their order. They also keep their content simple which helps when posting about food. Objectively, their customers come to their page and see three tactics to purchase their food. They can access the menu, learn how to order and see the quality of food that Lola’s Food Company is offering.


MyleSushi is a company that sells a variety of Asian cuisine specifically focused on sushi rolls however, they also sell baos, pows, gyoza and more.

So, let’s go into what they are doing well...

  1. Social Media: quality photos of their meals; engaging content such as features that showcase their staff and video content with the chef about everything from sushi preparation to kitchen gadget reviews.

  2. Delivery Options: they use WhatsApp to get orders from clients and have an easily accessible story highlight that tells customers what days they deliver to their area (North, West, East and South Trinidad)

There is a common belief that to perfect your social media page you have to have a huge budget, however, the truth is you just have to do the best with what you have available to you. MyleSushi perfects this, they use their food, which looks amazing and their chef, who is charming, to create engaging content for their current and potential customers.

Selling food online in Trinidad and Tobago is difficult. The market is saturated from small to large businesses. The reality is, locals love food and if a company has already solidified a good product, they just need to ensure that their Instagram speaks clearly about their brand. They must also make the process for the customer from menu to delivery as smooth as possible.

Of course, ordering food online has been restricted for restaurants and thus the consumer cannot enjoy the convenience that is offered by these reputable companies. However, they have positioned themselves to be ready as soon as restaurants have reopened. They already have their systems of digital communications in place, thus prepared to serve a population that has grown accustomed to ordering food online.

Do you know any other restaurants that boast of a seamless delivery system online? Let us know in the comments.






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