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Who is Selling Alcohol Online Effectively in Trinidad & Tobago?

Selling alcohol online can be very tricky

Selling alcohol online requires a carefully constructed marketing strategy. In Trinidad and Tobago. Where alcohol is a big seller, there are challenges to properly present a brand, whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer. The primary aim is to increase sales online and abide by advertising laws.

Advertising alcohol on platforms like Facebook and Instagram can also be tricky for many businesses. For instance, Emplifi, reports that “alcohol brands are among the top three industries that have the highest Cost Per Click (CPC) at around $0.20,” on Facebook.

It can be difficult to navigate, but companies have been able to find their niche online. Here are some of our top picks:

White Oak

White Oak Rum is hands down one of the most popular alcohol brands in Trinidad and Tobago. That being said, consistent upkeep of their national brand image and awareness could be a challenge however, they utilize their resources efficiently to overcome it.

What are they doing right?

- Commitment to their brand guidelines: all of their content uses the same colours, fonts, and animations to maintain their brand image.

- They work with influencers but ensure that their content or online collaboration maintains their brand image and style guidelines.

- They create content to show how consumers can use the product. This content is high quality, creative and valuable to the consumers. For example, their videos and images provide recipes for cocktails and meals that can be made with the product.

White Oak does not have an independent website, however, the product is prominent on social media and falls under the marketing collateral under the House of Angostura. They have embedded the brand into the psyche of the consumer, taking advantage of Consumer-Generated Content, particularly on Instagram. They are consistent with their shares with imagery and videos that are often tagged by their consumers, thus they co-create brand value with little to no effort. An independent website would further their brand image, credibility and sales, both locally and internationally.

Instagram Post:

Naughty Grape

Naughty Grape is a distributor of a variety of rums, wines and spirits. Typically, many alcohol distributors use a lot of stock imagery and generic posts from manufacturers or distributors, however, Naughty Grape finds a way to navigate away from generic content effectively.

What are they doing right?

- They use professional product imagery from suppliers however, they create a post around it and give descriptions of the product. This provides incredible value to a consumer when they visit their page.

- Social media has all the information the consumer needs, store locations, website links and information about products.

- Excellent website layout and mobile optimization for ease of use.

Instagram Post:

Moods Premium Cocktails

Moods Premium Cocktails is a relatively new company however, their distinct look, online marketing and delivery option make them stand out.

What are they doing right?

- They have a clearly defined look. The company has a very minimalist label design which is replicated in their online and social media presence. They kept a consistent look in the early stages of their online presence, which is a great way to gain brand awareness and be top of mind online.

- Their detailed social media page informs the consumer on how to order products and recycle used bottles.

- As a new small business having a website may not be an option. It may be ideal as their business grows. However, they do not let this stop their ability to deliver goods directly to the consumer. They use Google forms that enable them to process orders while maintaining an easy process for the consumer.

Instagram Post:

We are interested to know what companies you think are doing a great job of selling alcohol online in Trinidad and Tobago? And most importantly what do you think they are doing that makes them stand out.

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