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Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn in the Caribbean

Why people and businesses in the Caribbean should be using the professional platform

LinkedIn has had a slow growth towards popularity in many parts of the Caribbean. Nothing has quite pushed the platform in the region like COVID-19. As more people lost jobs and more companies searched for employees or freelancers, the platform became more and more popular. While most people in the Caribbean are still trying to figure out their place on LinkedIn there is no doubt about the benefits the platform brings to the regional job market.

Here are just a few reasons individuals and companies should invest their time in curating a great LinkedIn profile/page.

LinkedIn’s Job Board

Job Seeker: LinkedIn’s job board is a great online resource to keep tabs on new job opportunities in your respective industry. The best part is that you can put alerts on for jobs you are interested in. For example: “Graphic Designer Barbados” or “Digital Marketer Trinidad”, LinkedIn will notify you as soon as a job like this is posted near you or even in another desired location.

Business: LinkedIn’s Job board is made for businesses to easily post jobs, have insights into their post’s performance and to easily review and prioritize applicants. The platform makes the process seamless for businesses of all sizes. It also has a “Who Viewed This Job” tab so that businesses can see the type of employee they are attracting which can help them know if their offer is reaching the right person or if their post needs adjustments.

Build Your Brand

Job Seeker: Whether you are a job seeker or an entrepreneur LinkedIn is a great way to build your personal brand. Having a detailed page with your previous jobs, any examples of work, endorsements (when people endorse the skills you listed) and regular posts allow people to see what you can bring to the table. It is a platform that can enhance and build your online presence so try and keep it up to date as much as you can.

Business: Whether you are a big, small or medium business you should have a LinkedIn page. It is a great place to build your company's online presence, discuss topics related to your industry and make business connections. It is also a digital platform where people will seek to verify the authenticity of your company. Curating a great LinkedIn page will add to your company’s online presence and further solidify what your brand represents.

No Landing Page? No Worries!

Job Seeker: In this digital age it is important that you have a digital portfolio of your work. Especially if you are in the creative industry. However, creating and maintaining a website can be a bit costly. A great alternative is a regularly updated LinkedIn profile. Why may you ask? Well, LinkedIn is very favourable with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Google so when someone looks you up whether that be an employer or client, your LinkedIn page will often be on the first page of their search.

Business: It is important for businesses to have a website and up to date social media pages. When clients, possible associates and vendors look up your business, you want to ensure that they understand what your brand represents. LinkedIn is one of the main platforms businesses, competitors and customers will be looking at (especially internationally) thus your brand message needs to be clearly communicated and consistent across platforms, especially on LinkedIn. While your content may have to be adjusted, always ensure that your company is evoking the brand, what it stands for and what it offers.

Stay on top of Industry Updates

Job Seeker: In order to stay competitive in the job market, you must be “in the know” about what is happening in your industry. Especially when it comes to new skills required for the job or even industry updates. Try and follow both people you know in your local industry and well-known businesses and professionals abroad to stay on top of your industry. This is one sure way to keep yourself informed and ready for any changes in your specific market.

Business: Similarly, businesses that are big, medium or small should keep on top of their industry and what competitors are doing. You can easily make comparisons and prioritize which competitors pose the greatest threat to your business based on their online activity, the quality of their brand and their level of engagement. LinkedIn is a great place to see what is happening in your industry both locally and internationally, but equally, it is also a great space for advice and connections to businesses and individuals that can help your company.

Whether you are an individual or a business, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to help build your personal or business’s brand.Especially when it comes to staying on top of your respective industry and having a professional digital space that represents you!






Not sure how to build your brand? Whether it is your personal or business brand Connective Pros can help! Contact us via our website or send us an email at to get a consultancy for your business.


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