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Be bold with a revised Resume and Cover Letter from Connective Pros. We have handcrafted over 100 resumes of professionals from a wide spectrum of industries. We have worked with entry level professionals and top executives to develop their resume and cover letter that is 100% original and owned by you. Be unique and competitive with your own template that is guaranteed to grab your employer’s attention.



Getting your news in the newspaper can be difficult. If you are hosting an event, launching a new product or have big news to share- then a well-crafted press release is exactly what you need. Our team will write and distribute your news item to the leading newspapers in T&T. It will also be distributed to television and radio media. Our team maintains contacts and positive relationships with leading journalists to ensure that your press release is published.



Hosting informative seminars are a great way to get your stakeholders involved with the purpose of your business. Stakeholders tend to easily forget all the details that were hosted at your session. Rapporteur services are a crucial part of your seminar planning, whether done online or in person. Our trained professionals well craft a document noting everything that was said during your session. We will record questions, answers and feedback received during the seminar. Our team will prepare a well laid out report that can be used for easy reference by your stakeholders in the future. 


If you are not sure what your business needs, Connective Pros will sit with you for 30 minutes to evaluate your business model and provide you with recommendations to enhance your overall online presence. Our consultations are informative, helpful and insightful. Get the guidance you need to ensure that your brand is optimized for success.


The most important tool for any entrepreneur is a Business Plan and a Company Overview. The Business is used to engage investors, financial institutions and potential business partners, whereas your Company Overview is a key summary document that places you to the forefront when engaging in tender processes or acquiring new clients. Use these documents to make lasting impressions among all your stakeholders. 


Writing and delivering a speech can be challenging. What do I say? How do I say it? What quotations are most appropriate for my audience? How do I balance humour while still delivering a fundamental or sentimental message? Our team can give you the support you need to put together a memorable discourse that will have your audience talking about your spectacular delivery.  

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