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A Guide to Creating a Strategy for Your Instagram Stories

Some factors to consider when constructing your Instagram Story Strategy

Instagram stories have become the prime channel for businesses to connect and engage with their audiences. Its quick format and 24-hour rotation has allowed it to be a quick and easy process for businesses to present their brand to new and potential consumers. Hootsuite reported that in 2021 “58% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after viewing a brand on their Instagram Stories.”

This further proves how it has become one of the most efficient ways to reach potential customers, engage with current ones and increase conversions. However, to see the benefits businesses must have a strategy for success.

Here are some tips for companies that want to construct their Instagram Story Strategy:

1. Goals and Content Planning

Due to the number of users that actively look at stories, it is important that you carefully create the content you want to post over a month. The first step of this is deciding a goal. For some companies, it is conversions while others want engagement and recurring sales. When you decide on this goal you can then create the right content that will help you achieve it.

For example, if you want more conversions, then you will want to dedicate one or two days a week to highlight certain products on your page. If intending to sell, you will want to highlight features of products or showcase your products directly. This would also mean creating a seamless ad experience, from an ad followed by the product page and then on to the purchase experience.

Having a goal in mind makes the process of creating content and reaching those goals a lot easier. However, it can also help you create content calendars in advance which will inevitably save you time. Once you have a goal in mind, designate certain days of the week to your goal. For example, Wednesday’s can be dedicated to highlighting products and Fridays can be used for sharing customer content.

2. Design

Many companies that have seen conversions through stories have a signature look and use a retargeting strategy. Having a distinct look helps consumers differentiate your stories and story ads when swiping through their feed. Companies like Saye or PDPoala who rely heavily on social media conversions both use a minimalist style with beige and brown backgrounds to showcase their products.

This, combined with their remarketing strategy, ensures that consumers continue to see their ads over time and inevitably be top of mind for their target audience. This includes using the same fonts, colours, filters and designs for all their stories. This doesn’t mean that all their stories look too similar and become mundane, but rather they create a consistent look that differentiates their brand when users might be mindlessly scrolling.

Organizing these stories in highlights is equally important, as it will ensure that new visitors don’t miss any important information when they visit your page. For example, a delivery highlight, customer reviews highlight or specific product launches.

3. Use Engagement Strategies

Instagram Stories boosts business engagement online. Thus, Instagram has used a lot of tactics to help businesses connect to their audiences. This includes polls, questions, countdowns and more.

These tools are great ways to connect with your audience and help you better understand what they want from you. Local businesses often ask customers what their favourite products are and what they want to see more of. However, a lot of smaller companies engage with customers on various levels asking customers what they are doing for the weekend or asking how they use their products.

While these don’t have to be used all the time, you should use them whenever you feel that your customers are not engaging with the business sufficiently. Some companies even incorporate it within their content calendars and designate two days a month where they play “this or that” with their products and have customers choose.

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