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April Fool’s Social Media Hits for 2022 in Trinidad and Tobago

April Fools has become a social media holiday. Companies have that one day to test their creative skills and find a way to present their brand through comedy and satire. In Trinidad and Tobago, we have seen some great April Fool’s brand content over the last few years. We wanted to recap some of our favourites in 2022.

What is the benefit of doing an April’s Fools Day post for businesses?

April Fools posts allow brands to explore their creativity and test the boundaries of what is expected of them. It is also an opportunity to engage with audiences differently as compared to the rest of the year. However, in 2022 it became clear that some brands use it as an opportunity to test out product ideas on their audiences.

To truly perfect an April Fools Day post, it is best to aim for something funny, attention-grabbing and out of the box. The companies that see success from their April Fools Day posts balance something funny and outrageous yet, kind of, believable. The gullible online users are usually the ones who buy in to the idea.

All that being said, here are our top 5 choices for 2022:

1. Pizza Boys - Channa Pizza

This was one of the most liked posts on April Fools Day. The post showcased a channa pizza blended a favourite Trinibagonian dish with the company's product.

What they did well:

● Incorporating the brand

● A local touch to the April Fools Day Post.

● Simultaneously presenting something ridiculous and funny, yet believable.

2. Chief’s Curry Pops

Chief, another well-loved brand in Trinidad and Tobago took one of its signature products, curry powder and incorporated it into a “Curry Pops Cereal”.

What they did well:

● incorporating their brand well with the joke

● Making it funny and ridiculous in both the concept and artwork (the duck as the products mascot was a great addition to the already funny idea)

● Sticks within their product category and industry (food and beverage)

● Keeping the joke local and therefore a good target for their main audience.

3. Big Foot Seasoning

Big Foot is another popular snack locally. While there may be some confines to making something unique yet still within their scope, they stuck with a simple joke by making their snack into a seasoning.

What they did well:

● Focusing the joke on the product's unique selling point

● It’s funny and yet could still be something that could happen.

● Clean and clear artwork

4. Domino’s - Pineapple with Pizza

Similar to many brands Domino’s has to stick to its industry and its specificities. However, their April Fools Joke about a pineapple with pizza is a great example of using a hot topic/debate in your industry and using it for their joke of the day.

What they did well:

● Using a joke specific to their industry and audience

● Yet, still going for a ridiculous and humorous.

● Funny imagery that ensures the brand's name is still in the image.

5. allRiDi - Flying Cars

Similar to other options on the list, allRiDi has to stick to its driving service industry. However, they made it interesting by going for the absolutely outrageous with their flying cars for inter-island trips between Trinidad and Tobago.

What they did well:

● Sticking within their industry

● Going for the outrageous but still sticking to what the brand offers.

These were some of our personal favourites from 2022 but we want to hear from you! Firstly, what were your personal favourites from this year? And what do you think makes an April Fool’s post stand out?

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