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BeReal: A Social App for Gen Z’s? Should T&T be paying attention?

Most of us feel confident in our Facebook and Instagram strategies. This confidence usually inspires us to dip our toes in TikTok, Google and other popular platforms. Well, now there is a new platform on the stage and Gen-Z is loving it. It’s called BeReal.

The app has positioned itself as an anti-Instagram platform by giving its users an unfiltered and candid experience. While still in its early stages, it has seen some tremendous success making many wonder what the future holds for users and businesses alike.

But before, we get into that, here is everything you need to know about BeReal:

What is BeReal?

BeReal is a photo-sharing app that sends users a daily notification to post one unfiltered photo per day.

The app has gained significant popularity in the last year which with over 73.5 million monthly active users.

How does BeReal Work?

The app sends this notification: — ⚠️ Time to BeReal. ⚠️ —, to each of its users at a random time of the day. The time varies daily and each user has two minutes to take a photo and share it with their followers.

Two photos are taken simultaneously. It takes a photo from the front and back camera, showing both what the user is looking at and what the user looks like in the process of taking the photo.

Unlike, many photo sharing social media applications, there are no filter options.

The countdown also means that users don’t have much prep or planning time. Users are therefore prompted to share whatever they are doing at the moment. They do, however, have the opportunity to retake photos within the two-minute window BUT followers are notified of retaken photos.

Similarly, users can also post after the alert, but it will notify followers that it was “posted late”. Users also can’t browse friends’ photos unless they have shared their BeReal for the day and engagement is limited to a reaction selfie or writing a comment.

Why has it become so popular with Gen-Zs?

The simple nature of the app seems to be part of its success. It offers an unfiltered photo of a user's day which is a refreshing change for Gen Zs who prefer a less filtered or altered presentation online.

Users are also in what is commonly known as the “Golden Age” of the app. Where no influencers or advertisers are on it.

The company currently has a policy that prohibits using the app for advertising and commercial purposes. The company has been valued at 600 million US Dollars, thus in order to increase the value of their company’s brand Connective Pros anticipates a mechanism may be introduced to monetize the online social actions of its users.

Should Trinidad and Tobago companies keep track of BeReal?

As it stands the company has no subscriptions, ads or in-app buying or upgrades. Meaning their primary source of funding is investors.

As more people join the app and it continually gains popularity this will likely change. However, the company's stern policy on advertising may mean that it will not automatically go for advertising as a source of income.

Other platforms are also trying to jump on the trend, TikTok has already implemented a similar format to their app. Therefore, local companies shouldn’t be adding it to their marketing mix but they should pay attention to its allure. It proves that advertising and reaching Gen-Z requires a different and less filtered approach and it should push businesses to regularly check their social media presence and restrategize if necessary.

But don’t worry, we here at Connective Pros, will keep tabs on the app and keep you in the loop of any major changes.

Do you use BeReal? What entices you about the app and keeps you on the app? Tell us in the comments or better yet be a guest contributor and respond to our article- Send us an email at


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