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Best Practices for Carousel Ads on Facebook

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Carousels are the best ad formats to attract more attention, get clicks and conversions on Facebook. When carousels originally made their debut a lot of companies tried various ways to make the format profitable and receptive among their target audience. Currently, there are standard practices that allow companies to ensure that they can receive the benefits of using this ad format. These benefits include reducing their digital marketing expenditure while increasing their product reach and engagement.

First off, what are Facebook Carousels?

Facebook carousels are a multi-media ad format that lets companies show 2 or more images and/or videos in a single ad on the Facebook feed. It has the same look as any in-feed Facebook ad in terms of the design, copy length and the ability to add a CTA. This format simply has an option to add multiple media. It is particularly beneficial for website sales that showcase multiple products and can also be used to tell a story.

What are the best practices for Facebook Carousels?

1. Checkmarks for a smooth customer experience

Similar to many other ad formats, the more information and criteria you meet the better. While the copy and imagery take priority, the “smaller” factors are equally as important. This includes:

Headline for each image and/or video: Each image and video must have a dedicated headline. Therefore, it is another opportunity to effectively sell your product or service. The headline should further expand on what the image is showcased shortly and concisely. For example, some companies simply list the name of the product with a “Shop Now” button. Others prefer to describe the value. For example, an art shop can showcase brushes on one slide with the words “Explore Your Creativity” as the headline.

CTA (Call to Action): Carousels have a CTA button, directly next to the headline where companies can adjust the wording to suit the content. For example, Shop Now or Learn More.

Landing Page: Your ad is meant to entice the user to click your link so it is important to verify that the landing page provides the information they are expecting. If they click on an image that showcases a specific product they should go directly to that product page to optimize their shopping experience.

2. Consistency is Key

With multiple photos, there are various ways to show a company’s product or service. Yet, the same requirements to create a captivating post still apply. Whether it is using certain colours, fonts, backgrounds or product imagery, it is important to find a consistent look across the imagery on the carousel. This helps stop the scroll and make the content easier to digest for the user.

3. Storytelling

Multiple images allow a company to tell a story, whether it is about the product, service or the company itself. Storytelling is one of the best ways to showcase the brand or a new selection of products and the carousel is an efficient format to achieve this. A captivating story with high-quality images can be an effective method to capture your audience’s attention. Even if your images are not as effective, you can still tell bold stories by relying on the headlines, CTA and copy.

A great example of this is a company that showcased one of their new phones and spoke about the journey to create each of its key features on each of the slides. The carousel ended with a 360 of the product and a “Shop Now” CTA.

Others have shown how the product works in each slide, however, the most successful campaigns aim to build a story as the customer scrolls across the carousel.





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