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Connective Pros’ Top 3 Coffee Shops with Effective Social Media in TT

Coffee shops in Trinidad and Tobago have grown in popularity in recent years. The industry is growing fast, from franchises like Starbucks to local companies like Full Bloom!

But are their social media content and strategies keeping up with the demands of the online user?

Let’s look at our top 3 Coffee Shops with Effective Social Media in Trinidad and Tobago and why we love their content:

  1. Full Bloom

Full Bloom is both a local coffee production company and a coffee shop. The beautiful and traditional architecture of their coffee house has made it a popular spot for full-time employees in the area and even more so for remote workers.

There is no denying that their location is picturesque and stunning, however, it's their delicious coffee and wide selection of drinks that have their customers coming back for more!

What are they doing right:

- They have a perfect mix of reels and static content

- They have high-quality photos and videos that match the overall aesthetic of the brand

- Regularly updated stories

- Informational captions to keep customers aware of the new additions to the menu.

- Coffee in their Instagram name to ensure better Search Engine Optimization when people are looking for local coffee.

- The menu is the primary link

- Features of their employees to connect with their customers'

Areas where they can improve:

- Cleaning up their story highlights a bit more and adding covers to these highlights that match their brand colours and fonts.

2. Paz Coffee and Kitchen

Paz is a recently opened coffee shop and kitchen but their packaged coffee has been on the market for some time.

Their delicious food, coffee and beautiful location on Mucurapo Road have made it a recently popular spot.

But now it's time for us to judge their social media.

What we love about their social media:

- Good mix of content, mainly food, coffee and the restaurant.

- Well-designed story highlight covers that cover all the information any customer needs to know, including parking and menu items.

- Regularly updated stories that are informative and some that are focused on selling. Their content also includes good use of purchase links and the costs for menu items.

- Their page has a clear and distinct look and feel which they keep consistent across their content and platforms.

- High-quality photos and videos

Areas where they can improve:

- Regular use of reels on their page

- More conversation with customers in the comments to increase engagement and audience connection

3. Starbucks TT

Yes, Starbucks may seem like an easy choice. But we have to give credit where credit is due!

The Starbucks TT page is a great example of effective social media marketing and here is why we think so:

What they are doing right:

- They stick to the Starbucks brand guidelines but implement a local feel

- They regularly use reels and manage to take very high-level content. Content includes product features and coffee shop locations.

- High-quality images and video content

- Informative posts about locations and new products

- Regularly posted stories

- Good mix of content mainly of product, some staff features and location features.

Areas that they can improve on:

- Organizing their story highlights: they have a lot of highlights that have great highlight covers and are regularly updated. However, they can have better labels and be divided by branch.

- More photos within their mix of graphics could help with engagement, especially photos of products, customers and various branches.




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