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Creating Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages are one fundamental element of digital ads and digital lead generation campaigns. It needs as much attention to detail, strategic thinking and creative design as the ad itself. However, very often companies focus heavily on the ad and not the page it leads its users to.

Before we discuss three fundamental elements of a landing page, we must first clarify what makes a landing page different to a homepage:

A homepage is the first page that welcomes a user to your website. It typically explains or shows what the company does or sells with links to other pages on the site. A landing page, however, is a web page that is dedicated to converting website visitors to paying or registered customers. Essentially, it is focused on either sales or leads.

How do I create an Effective Landing Page?

To create an effective landing page, you will need a few key elements in place to ensure that you attract the user’s attention. Companies create or adjust their landing pages for various online marketing campaigns There are some main components that must be considered when you are editing your company’s landing page.

1. Set a Clear Goal

At the beginning of any marketing campaign, you will have a set goal such as more email sign-ups or increased sales by an indicated percentage. This goal will help you better create a strategy and creative approach to both the ads and the landing page. However, the landing page is not meant to replicate an ad. When the user has reached your site they have already been enticed. Your landing page should answer this question:

“What problem can my product or services solve for someone?”

The landing page is meant to answer this question and show the customer why you are the best option.

For example, Planable

Their Google Search Ads are linked to keywords like “social media scheduler” or “planning social media content”. These are then linked to their landing page, which perfectly answers that question with the words, “Get social mediacreated/reviewed/approved/done” (these interchange on the webpage) 6x faster.

They know that a consumer looking for a scheduler app is looking to save time, more importantly, they want to streamline their creation to the approval process, thus their opening headline provides a solution to all those problems at the consumers first glance.

And in less than 10 words which leads us to the next point.

2. Have an eye-catching headline

The first thing that users will see when they get to your landing page is the headline. Therefore, you want to make it grab the users attention while simultaneously showing the value of your product or service. The landing page should have a very clear headline that is precise and clear with a brief paragraph with additional information. The latter is typically used to expand on the brief headline if needed. More importantly, you need a very clear CTA (Call to Action) and it must say what you want the customer to do, “Shop Now”, “Sign Up Today!” etc.

However, this also includes the colours or images used on the landing page. Best practice is to ensure that all the colours or the decided colour palette of the ad campaign are used on the landing page or vice versa. Using the same colours, images and fonts help create a visually attractive and seamless ad to landing page experience.

An example is, SAYE Brand

Saye’s holiday campaign is in a similar vein to their brand ethos which tries to change traditional models and measures in the fashion industry. Their Christmas campaign aims at, “celebrating by sharing, respecting and changing” through their bio-based, vegan collection. Their ads and landing page all follow the same “look” while they do not include a CTA, their products available for purchase are right underneath the headline.

This Instagram Ad Leads to this landing page:

3. Make Your Landing Page Mobile Friendly

Many businesses neglect or simply forget this aspect of strategic digital marketing. However, due to how much of the local audience consume online content and ads over mobile, It is important to have a functioning and similarly designed mobile landing page. While the page should look the same in terms of design, it should be adjusted to ensure that it is user friendly. This would include factors such as adjusted sizing of images and fonts, making the headline prominent and CTAs adjusted for the mobile format.

If you are not sure your landing page is mobile-friendly, test it out on the Google Mobile Test link here.






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