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Digital Trends in Trinidad and Tobago: 2024 Data

Updated: Mar 3

In digital technology, understanding the latest trends and insights is paramount for individuals and businesses alike. Enter Digital 2024, the comprehensive report released yearly by DataReportal, this year in collaboration with We Are Social and Meltwater. This report sheds light on how people are spending their time online and what they are engaging with. 


The reports are for countries across the world, including Trinidad and Tobago.  In this two-part blog series, we will be delving into both digital and social media data presented in this year’s report.


NOTE: On Comparison Data

Please note that comparison data from previous years may be affected. Over the past year, significant changes were made to the reports and how they calculate social media user numbers. Additionally, the data sources informing these calculations have undergone substantial revisions.


Consequently, the latest figures for social media use may differ significantly from those published in previous years. We advise caution when comparing social media user values from this year's report with those of previous years.


Starting with the digital data, let's have a look:


General Overview: Internet and Social Media Usage

At the start of 2024, Trinidad and Tobago boasted 1.23 million internet users, with an impressive internet penetration rate of 80.0 per cent (TATT indicates 90% - click here for info. Moreover, 54.2 percent of the population were active social media users, totalling 833.0 thousand individuals. These figures underscore the significant digital presence within the country, highlighting the importance of online platforms for communication, information dissemination, and social interaction.


Mobile Dominance

The prevalence of mobile devices is undeniable, with Trinidad and Tobago recording a staggering 2.02 million cellular mobile connections in early 2024. Mobile phones reign supreme, constituting 100% of social media user access and dominating the share of web traffic at 59.24%. Notably, Android devices lead the charge, contributing to 73.12% of mobile web traffic, followed by Apple iOS devices at 25%. This underscores the importance of mobile-first content and optimisation.  


This dataset holds particular significance for companies. Far too often, local businesses prioritize desktop content over mobile when considering their website and video content. However, this data underscores the importance of prioritizing mobile platforms for effectively reaching their target audience. It emphasizes the need for businesses to format and create content with a mobile-first mindset, aligning with the predominant usage patterns of their audience.



Google's Reign and E-Commerce Landscape

Unsurprisingly, Google maintains its position as the number one search engine, commanding a whopping 94% share of search engine referrals. This highlights the critical importance for businesses to leverage Google Ads and maintain a robust presence on Google Business Profiles to enhance visibility and reach.


Google is frequently overlooked in companies' digital strategies, yet this data underscores its critical importance. It emphasizes the need for companies to harness Google's platforms to reach their audience effectively. From providing key information about their company, such as opening hours, contact numbers, and website details, to ensuring their ads reach customers at their initial touchpoint on the internet, Google plays a pivotal role in enhancing visibility and engagement.

Our blogs to help you develop your Google Presence Online:



In the realm of e-commerce, Trinidad and Tobago witness intriguing dynamics. Despite relatively low credit card ownership (16%), 50% of the population made digital-first payments, signalling a shift towards alternative payment methods such as debit cards and mobile payment solutions. This data underscores the evolving nature of digital transactions within the country, presenting challenges and opportunities for businesses venturing into the e-commerce space.


Streaming Preferences

As a bonus insight, the report unveils the most streamed content on Netflix in Trinidad and Tobago. From captivating movies like "The Mother" and "Extraction 2" to binge-worthy TV shows including "Love Is Blind" and "Ginny & Georgia," the preferences of the local audience offer valuable cues for content creators and entertainment providers.


In conclusion, Digital 2024 offers a comprehensive snapshot of Trinidad and Tobago's digital landscape, showcasing the pervasive influence of mobile technology, the dominance of Google, and the evolving nature of e-commerce.


Learn more about the report here and stay tuned for Part II where we delve into the social media data. 



What have you taken away from this year’s digital report of Trinidad and Tobago? Tell us in the comments or better yet be a guest contributor and respond to our article- Send us an email at



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