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Why all T&T Businesses Should have a Google Business Profile

The benefits of a Google Business profile for Trinidad and Tobago Businesses

No matter your industry, your customers will always search for your business on Google. A Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is a way for companies to provide key information about their company, record customer feedback and increase their reach online. Yet, so many businesses in Trinidad and Tobago don’t use it.

Before we delve into the reasons your business must have a Google Business Page, let’s clarify what it is:

A Google Business Profile is a free profile businesses can set up on Google where they can share helpful information for customers such as:

● Opening times

● Locations

● Phone numbers

● Website

● Menus

● Reservations links

● Social Media Pages

● And customer reviews

Across Google’s platforms.

What are the benefits of having a Google Business Profile?

1. Increase Reach via Google Platforms

Once your Google Business Page is set up it will get visibility on all of Google’s platforms and applications including Google Search, Maps and Shopping. This increases your business’s reach and visibility online.

This, in turn, helps customers get accurate and relevant information about your business quickly and efficiently. But it also increases the number of customers you can reach and convert.

In order, to gain the benefits, businesses must ensure that their page is regularly updated with accurate information.

2. Helps Build Trust Online

Many customers prefer to do research on a business before purchasing from them. This is relevant to all industries. Therefore, businesses have to put factors in place to demonstrate to new customers trust that they are a viable business.

Since many people search for information on Google having a business profile ensures that you provide the customer with all the pertinent information to make them feel assured of your business’s authenticity. In the exact place, they will be searching for it.

This not only builds customers’ trust in your brand online but also helps convert potential customers who are seeking information about the company into paying customers.

Companies also have to go through a verification process to confirm their business page thus, customers won’t question the company’s legitimacy once they have a profile on the platform.

3. Rank Higher in Google Results

Ranking higher on Google can often seem like an unattainable task. However, a business page is one of the key ways to increase these chances. Businesses have to ensure they provide consistent and accurate information about their business, get regular reviews and ensure that the page is providing the right information that meets visitors' search needs.

4. Customer Feedback

A business page also gives customers a space to give their feedback on their experiences with the company and its products and services. Some businesses may not think this is a benefit but it is a great way to build trust with customers and also have the opportunity to engage with customers on both their positive and negative experiences with the brand.

5. Learn more about your customer’s online behaviour

Similar to other online platforms you will be able to get key analytics and insights into you potential and current customers' online behaviour. These stats can give you a better understanding of how your profile is performing and how you can better serve visitors and customers on Google.

Some stats you will have access to are:

● Views

● Website Clicks

● Menu and reservation clicks

● Engagement

● Audience demographic breakdown

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