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Event Planners That Are Doing social media Right in T&T

How event planners in Trinidad and Tobago are making an impact online

Event Planning is a key component of Trinidad and Tobago’s entertainment culture. From carnival events and weddings to corporate events and general parties, event planners play an important role in the efficient running of all occasions on the islands.

They have also been one of the most impacted industries by Covid-19. As restrictions in the country begin to ease more events are happening and event planners are also showcasing their services with vigour on social media.

This has had us thinking about what the key components are to effectively sell event planner services online.

Here are three brands that are selling their services effectively on social media :

J Signature Weddings specifically focuses on weddings but their online content is a good example of having an effective content mix. Here are the key factors that differentiate them from their competitors:

- Their Instagram bio has all the key information a user requires, including the number to contact them and the owner's certifications.

- The page has a great balance of photography and video content.

- The content is extremely high quality which solidifies the brand’s identity of luxury and elegance.

- The page’s highlights and posts also give behind the scenes of the creation of their events and decor. In 2021, they did a short video series that showed the owner creating her well known and loved floral arrangements which received high engagement and views.

J Signature’s page is an example of how to bring the personality of the brand through social media content. Within minutes of being on their Instagram page, viewers have a clear idea of their style and quality. Their addition of entertaining content keeps their followers engaged.

D17 Events plans and organises all types of occasions from weddings to corporate events. Their page is a great example of a well-thought-out long term content strategy.

Here is what we love about their content:

- Well strategized layout of posts. High-quality images and videos are mixed and introduced with text posts. Their most recent text posts highlighted their micro weddings and traditional Indian weddings.

- High-Quality Images

- A good mix of photography that showcases the event as a whole and imagery that focuses on their unique selling points such as their detailed decor.

- Their contact information is easily accessible in their bio

- Lots of high-quality video content that has relatively high engagement

D17 is a prime example of well-strategized content that creates a very eclectic yet consistent look on its page. They make an impact on their followers and can easily impress unique visitors to their page.

Events by Tricia is an event company that covers mainly weddings and corporate events. Their page embodies their brand personality while simultaneously delivering all the key information to their followers and new visitors.

Here is what we love about their content:

- They are one of the few event management companies that have their stories clearly organized with clean highlight covers.

- Their stories also clearly list out their services.

- They have a story highlight that includes their testimonials which is one of the best ways to increase sales and removes any hesitation from potential customers.

- Clean and high-quality images.

- They have information posts combined with their photos to share key information that is pertinent for customers.

- They use reels and video content intermittently

- They give some insights in their captions about the behind the scenes of their events which is valuable information to their customers.

Their simple layouts across their content and organization of key information make their page easy to view and impactful to new visitors.

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