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How to Get Out of an Engagement Slump on social media

3 tips to get your brand more engagement online

Changes with Meta, the immense growth of TikTok, and more competition due to the relaxation of covid restrictions are just some factors affecting a business’s social media growth. Many brands in Trinidad and Tobago have found themselves in an engagement slump. Social media managers and small business owners have been trying new tactics to capture audiences' attention, create engaging content, and retain their support online.

When your engagement slips it's the perfect time to assess your current social media presence and reframe how you are developing your content.

Here are three tips to help you boost your engagement on social media after experiencing a decline:

Analyze and Strategize

One of the first things you need to do is assess your content over the last 3 months. If your brand uses Meta Business Suite, check your analytics, select the dates of the last 3 months and look for factors such as:

- Lowest engaged posts and stories.

- Highest engaged posts and stories

- Follower growth and loss

- What content got engagement i.e videos, reels, informational posts, Q&As etc.

Through this assessment, you will begin to understand what works for your audience and what is not retaining their attention. It is important to remove your emotion from these analytics and look at them clearly because it indicates what content your audience desires.

After this assessment, start planning your content around this data. For example, you may notice a decrease in your static posts' performance and an increase in engagement in your Stories and Reels. Use that data to restrategize your content calendars.

All brands stick to a 12-post-a-month content calendar but if you have similar data, you have to change this. Try a content calendar that:

- Focuses more on reels and stories,

- Reduce the number of posts you produce per week by half and increase the boosting budget on those static post ads.

Try a new platform and new formats

Online audiences' preferences and social media platforms are undergoing many changes. Generic posts are not cutting it anymore. You have to push the boundaries of your content and how you can connect with your audience. Many social media audiences have ad fatigue and platforms are pushing more “organic” and less commercial content on users' feeds.

When you are in a slump, take it as an opportunity to rethink your entire social media strategy and have fun with it! Try a new platform, and new formats and start small. For example, with your Stories on Facebook and Instagram, try Q&As, behind-the-scenes content, funny videos, sharing memes, polls, and more.

After that start making bigger steps and try new platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok etc... Choose a platform where your audience spends a lot of time and most of all, a platform where you will consistently post content.

Add Some Personality to Your Brand

Customers want to know what they are buying into, so illustrate the personality of your brand. Don’t try and be anything your brand isn't. Some brands are bold and humorous but other brands can be more conservative and friendly. It is vital to stick to your brand voice.

Don’t step out of your branding, but use that personality on videos and captions to help create a connection between you and your audience. Share a little more about your company in the stories on your social media platforms. You can show behind the scenes of production, products and services. This must be complemented by consistent engagement with audiences through comments and reactions received from stories posted. This may seem like a simple tactic, but consistency in this approach can pull you out of your engagement slump.

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