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How to Increase Facebook Engagement in 2021

Simple tips to increase engagement with your audience on the platform.

If you have worked on the backend of Facebook then you are aware of the ever-changing

landscape and trends of the platform. For social media managers and SME owners finding regular engagement is not an easy task. With so much content online it takes a well thought out strategy to increase overall engagement. Thus, there are a few things that you can consider to help boost your interactions, reactions and conversions on Facebook.

Factors to Consider to Boost Your Facebook Engagement:

1. Adjust Your Strategy

For many social media curators, posting regularly often consumes most of their time. However, reviewing your content and analytics every two months or quarterly is an important practice to gauge the effectiveness of your Facebook strategy. This review will help you understand what has worked for your audience and allow you to formulate a different approach to engagement.

For example, there is a common belief and practice in Trinidad and Tobago that posting frequently will keep their brand on top of consumers' minds. and by so doing, get more engagement. This strategy, however, has not proven to be fruitful, especially if these frequent posts have continual low engagement. The algorithm will continue to devalue its importance.

Quality posts always outweigh a high quantity of bad posts. Therefore, it’s best to create posts that actually bring value to your customers.

Ask yourself when creating content. Does it:

- Inform?

- Entertain?

- Inspire?

Essentially, you want to verify that your content is bringing value to your audience to encourage saves, likes or comments on your post or story.

2. Invest in Good Photography and Video

While it can be quite expensive to invest in professional photography, it can still have a great return for you in your online marketing. Companies are finding that stock photos (especially when not used well) are not attracting online users. Some platforms have even devalued stock photography against its algorithm because of its general low performance.

For smaller enterprises investing in professional photography is not always realistic however, capturing impromptu photos on your phone that show your brand’s personality and authenticity can be equally beneficial. You will be amazed at how content captured on your phone can gather more engagement.

The same goes for videos. It's well known that videos perform better across social media platforms and especially on Facebook. While professional videos are not feasible for some businesses, Connective Pros encourages you to think small first. A simple behind the scenes of how you carry out your service or create and deliver your products on Facebook stories can go a long way.

3. Focus on Audience Relatability

With so much content and ads on social media, many users now crave more authenticity from their content. Consequently, you should review your content and see where you can be more relatable to your audience. This requires in-depth knowledge about your target audience to know what content relates to them and their needs. Especially, needs that can be met with your product or service.

Speaking to your audience directly and gathering as much information as you can through data is a key to understanding them and their online interests. From there you can then create content that speaks to them.

For example, if you have a product for mothers of young children, you need to fully understand that target market within Trinidad and Tobago and what they want from the content they consume about motherhood and early childhood.

So often brands stick to what’s trendy and what looks good but at the core, your content should speak directly to your audience.






Stay tuned to Connective Pros, on Facebook & Instagram we have an upcoming blog about what makes scroll stopping content at all levels of the social media creation process.


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