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Instagram’s New Full-Screen Feed and what it means for T&T businesses

Is Instagram trying to be the new TikTok? This has been the conversation between social media managers this week as Instagram rolled out a testing feature that makes images full screen on users’ feeds. The sizing of media content is now similar to TikTok.

The new format is in its testing phase to evaluate how the public navigates through this new feature. It can be considered as another step toward Instagram trying to gain more attention than their biggest competitor TikTok.

But before, we dive into it, let’s assess this new change.

1. First off, why did Instagram make this change?

Meta has been focusing on video content on Facebook and Instagram over the last 3 years. The company reported in April 2022 that 20% of the time users are watching reels on Instagram. It has also been reported that video takes up about 50% of the time users spend on Facebook.

This coupled with the emergence and extreme popularity of TikTok has resulted in the company moving toward having its feeds centred around Reels. In his 2021 recap of the platform, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, said, “We’re going to double-down on our focus on video and consolidate all of our video formats around Reels”

Thus, it is not surprising that the company is trying this new format. They have also emphasized that they want to create a more “immersive experience.” Similar to the experience TikTok users have, with feeds completely filled with creative and captivating videos.

Ultimately, it is Instagram’s tactic of trying to retain users' attention on the platform and adapting to users’ mobile behaviours and preferences.

2. How does it look?

Users who are in the testing groups currently have all their feed content in a 9x16 format, meaning that a majority of their screen is occupied by the image. Images that aren’t within this format remain the same size but have a background that fills the screen. Similar to how portrait images look in stories.

3. Is this a permanent change?

Instagram has said that this is a testing period to assess how users engage with the new change. However, they have not given a deadline for this testing period.

4. Has the change been made in Trinidad and Tobago?

Yes, some local users have already had their feeds changed, however since it is a testing group it likely won't be implemented to all users until they draw conclusions on its effectiveness and user friendly-ness.

5. How do businesses in T&T adapt to this change if it is adopted across the platform?

This decision by Instagram is not singular. Google is trying something similar with YouTube Shorts. Social media businesses have always pushed for more video content and are currently piggybacking off of TikTok’s success with short-form and immersive video content.

Stories also continue to be where Meta makes a lot of their money. Equally, it is where businesses in the US and Europe are getting most of their sales and engagement.

While it may seem like a phase, this announcement further emphasizes the need for companies to prioritize video content and focus heavily on their story and reel content in their content strategy.

Even if these changes aren't implemented fully, it is showing the direction the industry is headed towards and why businesses in Trinidad and Tobago must adapt and learn how to perfect their Story, Reel and TikTok content.

This direction comes on the heels of Meta’s announcement to create the metaverse that will allow users to interact with each other virtually. Driving users to adopt immersive videos as their primary form of media consumption, can be considered an online behavioural step to ensuring that the metaverse is widely adopted.






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