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Instagram vs Snapchat vs TikTok - Which Should T&T businesses invest in?

With continuous changes at Meta and fluctuations in users' interest, many businesses in Trinidad and Tobago are scrambling to find the right formula for their online content.

The recipe differs for each business. It requires some research and trial and error to find the sweet spot that works for you. Before we discuss the content, it is important to first find the platforms worth investing in for your brand.

So, let’s have a look at Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok:


No introduction is needed for this one. Instagram continues to be one of the most popular apps in Trinidad and Tobago. Its recent changes to make a more “immersive” platform (i.e a full-screen feed and push reels) have businesses rethinking their Instagram strategy.

So should you invest your time into Instagram?

Yes, you must be investing in Instagram if…

- You want to reach a large segment of the population. Instagram is the second most used platform in Trinidad and Tobago making it one of the key platforms to advertise on to reach a large majority of the population.

- You need a storefront or page where your brand’s key information can exist. Many local users research brands on Instagram to find essential information such as location, price and how to purchase a product or service.

- If you don't have the time, money or resources to invest in multiple platforms, Instagram is the best way to create multiple forms of content within the same platform, including posts, stories, reels and events.

Don’t use Instagram if….

Given the high level of users, all businesses in Trinidad and Tobago must have at least a Facebook or Instagram page for visibility and reach.


Recent discussions in the social media space have suggested that Snapchat is making a comeback. Its initial popularity with disappearing and time-limited content brought thousands of users to the app daily.

This was later hampered by the emergence of Instagram stories which gained and has continued to be a massive income and engagement maker for the platform.

While it has regained a certain level of notoriety with the Gen Z audiences, it is predominantly being used for communication purposes amongst friends.

Now, the big question is, should you use Snapchat?

Yes, you must use Snapchat if…

- Your audience is largely Gen Zs.

- If you have a strong story and TikTok content strategy.

- If your brand is struggling to connect with younger audiences and needs to adopt a new approach. Bonus Tip: Cross-posting your story content to Snapchat Stories and your TikTok content to Spotlight, gives you dual usage of your content while simultaneously testing a new platform.

Don’t use Snapchat if…

- Your audience is a large demographic across ages and generations.

- Your social media budget is limited and thus, investing in platforms with larger numbers will be more effective due to the potential reach.


If any of these apps are or have been having their moment it's TikTok. It has one of the highest rates of engagement and is becoming one of the few apps that is getting regular attention. More importantly, it is also holding users' attention. Local brands are reluctant to join the platform but as Instagram moves closer to mimicking TikTok’s format and strategy it's becoming clear that it is a main stake in the industry.

So should you invest in it?

Yes, you must invest in TikTok if…

- You are in an engagement slump and need to find new ways of interacting with current and potential audiences.

- You don’t have a big budget for video content. Given the amateur video style of the platform, it allows businesses to create quick videos that highlight their products and give some behind-the-scenes content.

- You want to increase your reach to a larger audience. Current trends in 2022 show that people of all ages are joining and engaging on the platform.

Don’t join TikTok if…

- You can’t commit to creating the content. TikTok success relies on consistency similar to other platforms.

- If your brand has an older audience. While TikTok is becoming popular among various ages, its largest demographics lie between the Gen Z and Millennial audiences.

What is your favourite platform of the three and why? Tell us in the comments or better yet be a guest contributor and respond to our article- Send us an email at


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