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Preparing For Job Loss

It is a scary thought that there is a possibility that you may lose your job during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have not lost your job, you may have experienced a reduction in your income. Many businesses have given the option to their employees to take their allotted vacation or to proceed on no-pay leave. Other companies have committed to paying their staff during the pandemic. What is the reality for you? Do you foresee the possibility of losing your only source of income? Do you have a plan of action? We have some tips that will help you plan for these potential circumstances.

Revise and Update your Résumé

As employers make tough decisions today, they will face scrutiny tomorrow. There is a life after COVID-19 and some companies may decide to relieve their staff of their duties or place them on no-pay leave. You should revisit your résumé and revise and update its contents. You must prepare for the onslaught of job advertisements that will follow the pandemic period. You are a competitive professional, and if one company does not see your value, others will, once you market yourself effectively. You can take a look at some tips for revising your résumé here. If you need a FREE review of your résumé you can send us an email at

Revise your Cover Letter

If writing is not your skill, this is the perfect time to re-write your Cover Letter. Remember the Cover Letter is your opportunity to explain to your potential employer how you would have attained your skills and abilities. You can find our helpful tips to write your Cover Letter here. If you need a FREE review of your cover letter you can also send us an email at The Cover Letter marries the résumé. The résumé explains ‘what’ whereas the Cover Letter explains ‘how’. Once you write, structure and balance these two perfectly, they both will explain to your potential employer why they should hire you.

Be Cautious

We have seen the potential for layoffs occurring soon. Many companies are placing employees on no-pay leave, as opposed to dismissing them. In principle, if you do get an opportunity to work with an essential company, you will have to submit a resignation letter to your current employer. If you get an opportunity to work with a company following the pandemic period, you must ask yourself why. Did the company relieve one of their staff members and are now seeking a replacement? Ask yourself the question, do you want to work for an employer who is not committed to their staff during times of crisis or difficulties?

Explore Entrepreneurship

Our Connective Pros are all full-time employees. They are committed to a business enterprise but are focused on building an entrepreneurial vision. They understand the need to depend upon a monthly income but also prefer to make an extra income for themselves. While employed, it is always a challenge to focus on additional business interests. With remote work options available and/or time away from work, it provides us with a unique opportunity to innovate, adapt and create. Connective Pros is committed to supporting all start-up businesses during this time. You can take a look at a list of our business solutions here to get a better idea of what we do.

Save! Save! Save!

If you have been designated as an essential employee, this is your moment to save your earnings, especially if your saving practices have not been healthy. Commercial stores, restaurants, clubs, casinos and bars are now closed. There are very few avenues for temptation to spend your earnings. Reallocate your entertainment allowance to your savings pool. We are in an unpredictable and unprecedented situation, where the details of COVID-19 are changing on an hourly basis. What may be

essential today may not be essential tomorrow. The message that COVID-19 does not discriminate is perpetuated by all world leaders. Connective Pros believes that the same applies for all indirect effects. We must prepare for any eventuality while remaining calm and prepared.

If you have any additional tips for your colleagues on what we can do to prepare for a potential decrease in income we would like to hear from you. You can send us your comments and feedback on this article by sending them to We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Our Connective Pros team offers several business solutions in Public Relations, Marketing, Media and Communications. When we provide tools to you, we want you to understand the most effective methods on how to use them. We want you to receive the best mileage from every product or service that you purchase from us. If you are still unsure you can always contact us via and we will happy to provide you with additional details on all our services.

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