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Selling Clothes Online in Trinidad and Tobago - Who is Doing It Right?

Companies in Trinidad and Tobago that have mastered selling clothes online

The fashion industry’s estimated market value currently stands at 406 billion dollars. Especially with the rise of online sales, fashion has become a booming business. Companies like ASOS are making millions of dollars every day. Recently with the onset of the pandemic more companies in Trinidad and Tobago, especially in the fashion industry, have gone online.

Like many local companies, fashion companies are still finding their bearings online and finding out what are the best ways to market their products on social media. That being said, there are a few brands that are really mastering how to engage and sell more to their customers online.

Here are some companies we believe are marketing their brand effectively online:

Large/Medium Brands:

1. London Clothing Company

London Clothing is a local fashion store that brings in English clothing brands and sells them in their many stores across Trinidad and now online.

What are they doing right?

- Well laid out and user-friendly website;

- Immediate prompt to sign up for their email list: great lead generation tool;

- Good Images of products and detailed product descriptions;

- Weekly emails showcasing products, customer testimonies or notifying customers about sales;

- Social media showcases products, gives information about sales and they infrequently work with influencers however, their influencer marketing usually entails using video content to show products and teaming up with them for giveaways.

London Clothing ticks off all the checks when it comes to social media and website best practices. They ensure that their communication is clear and consistent across platforms and post regularly to showcase their available products and services. They are also known for having an easy online shopping experience and quick delivery through TTPost.

2. Micles

Micles is an extremely well-known fashion retailer in Trinidad and Tobago that sells their products online and in-store. They sell clothes that they import that cater to women and children.

What are they doing right?

- A well laid out website that is easy to use

- Use of Google Adwords and the website is SEO optimized for searches such as, “Women’s Clothing” & “Kid’s Clothing”

- Social Media focuses solely on product photos and they regularly work with local influencers who showcase specific products & tag them

- They include prices in most social media post

- A section of their landing page is dedicated to User Generated Content & Customer Testimonials

- They use tracking links in their Instagram and Facebook posts/page to measure how many customers are visiting their website and from which platforms

Micles is a well-known brand in Trinidad and Tobago, so having their brand and website up to par is important to their overall identity and customer retention and acquisition. Their website and social media are well done and regularly updated and most of all they are one of the few companies across the clothing industry that is using Google Ads/SEO as a marketing tool.

Small Brands:

3. Bene Caribe

Bene Caribe has quickly become a popular brand in Trinidad and Tobago. Most famous for their batik patterns their clothes fit in with Caribbean style, matching the colourful and patterned clothes loved by many. They sell online and in a shared store with other local designers, known as 36 Cornelio.

What are they doing right?

- They do not have a website however, they use an online marketplace called Shop Caribe to sell their clothes online and internationally.

- Great use of social media, their page reflects their colourful and Caribbean feel.

- Strong use of user-generated content mixed with high-quality photos of the products

- Great at customer engagement and content ideas with an IGTV series dedicated to talking with other Caribbean designers.

Small businesses won’t have the budget of bigger brands for an online store or even a dedicated social media team, however, Bene Caribe, uses what they have and uses it effectively. Their social media really speaks to what their brand represents and their overall brand identity. By using Shop Caribe they can use a more affordable alternative to a website to reach an international audience.

4. Willow & Oak

Willow & Oak is a small fashion and jewellery company that makes everything from bathing suits to loungewear. While their style isn’t typically Caribbean they seem to fill a necessary gap within local fashion design which is: everyday wear. They sell online via Etsy and in a shared store with other local designers called 36 Cornelio.

What are they doing right?

- Social Media content that focuses on products with high-quality photos and descriptions.

- Editorial shoots for new products

- A variety of payment options to meet consumer needs: customers can pay online via Etsy, in-store at 36 Cornelio or via bank transfer. Delivery is available both locally and internationally.

- Has various ways of engaging audiences on social media such as a collaboration and a live DJ performance on the night a new line dropped.

One of the things that Willow & Oak does really well is catering to a large audience, this in terms of their clothing sizes (varies on the line however some go up to 3XL) and their online payment options, Trinidad has a very low rate of credit card use so bank transfers are a great way of catering to customer needs.






There are so many great things that local fashion brands are doing on social media, we are interested to know, what are some brands you admire for their marketing and online presence in Trinidad and Tobago? Tell us in the comments below!

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