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Social Media Courses that are Actually Worth Doing

Whether you are starting your journey to become a Social Media Manager or someone who feels that they need to refresh their skills, social media courses might be a definite option. However, with so many courses online, the choice can often be overwhelming. There are a few courses that are actually worth your time as they will help refine your skills and give you the credit for your work.

Here are our top 3 courses to do online for social media:

1. Hootsuite Academy

Hootsuite is one of the most widely used social media management platforms. Their wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry makes them one of the industry leaders in digital marketing. Their courses on the Hootsuite Academy range from beginner to advanced with prices ranging from free to US$1000 depending on the course chosen.

Their courses include Social Media Marketing, Social Media ROI and Value Analysis, Advanced Social Media Strategy and more. These courses after completion also provide users with a certificate. Each class is conducted by people with experience in the industry.

These courses are perfect for beginners and Social Media Managers that require advanced training to improve their skill set.

2. Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage are digital courses created and verified by Google for users. Some courses like their Fundamentals of Digital Marketing come with a certificate after completion while other courses are short term that cover areas such as digital marketing, career development and tech.

The real benefit of these courses is that they are free and can be tailored to meet your schedule. Their Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course is perfect for a beginner, however, their short term courses are ideal for digital marketers that want to gain or improve certain skill sets such as coding, improving customer connections on mobile devices and more.

These courses are e great because you get verification and insights directly from the source. This applies to Google but courses by LinkedIn Learning and Facebook Blueprint are great sources for education and more importantly certification.

3. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint are specific programs and certifications for Facebook and the Facebook Business Suite. This also includes courses tailored to Instagram and WhatsApp. This is a great resource especially because Facebook updates their platform quite regularly. Using Facebook Blueprint ensures that users stay on top of the platform, its trends and the strategies to succeed on these platforms.

Facebook certification courses include courses such as Digital Marketing, Creative Strategy and Advanced Marketing Development, to name a few. These courses vary in time and cost, however, all require users to take an exam at the end to test their skills and knowledge.

On the other hand, their free and short courses allow users to learn everything from basic courses on the platforms themselves (Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp) to more niche topics such as ‘How to Raise Money to Fight Injustice”. These courses are perfect for people using Facebook to sell products who don’t understand certain features or want to learn how they can improve performance on the platforms, especially for ads.

These courses are great sources of knowledge to improve your skills, learn new ones and keep on top of trends. While many practitioners are self-taught and have been able to produce explosive results from a history of trial and error, these courses will surely solidify your practical knowledge and improve your skills. If you have any courses you liked or think were worthwhile, tell us in the comments below!






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