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Tips for Business to Business (B2B) Marketing on Social Media in the Caribbean

How B2B companies can find success on social platforms

Business to Business marketing on social media is quite a difficult task. While the process is similar to business to consumer marketing it has variations that are important for companies aiming for B2B success to note. While many regional companies in the Caribbean are still finding their strategy for B2B success, it is important to know the value it can bring.

Foundation Inc reports that 1 in 3 B2B marketers say LinkedIn generates revenue for their business. They also report that 71% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn is part of their advertising strategy.

While these statistics are solely focused on LinkedIn, they still show how many B2B marketers, especially in the US, are utilizing social media to reach potential customers. Marketing on social media is worth the investment since:

  1. Many competitors and customers are online

  2. People and businesses are researching solutions online and on social media, especially, as more regional customers go online to find products and services.

With that said, here are some tips for B2B Marketing on Social Media:

1. Have Clear Goals

Whether a company is in the B2B or B2C industry it is important to have very clear and set goals when using social media. This is important as it sets a general direction and parameters for content creation, brand image and platforms that will be worth pursuing.

It is equally important that companies also set measures of success using social media online. This can be website clicks, conversions on the website or even measuring how many businesses contact the company within a specific time period. Having a goal is important but measuring success ensures that a business is achieving that goal.

2. Do a SWOT Analysis

Businesses approaching the B2B space on social media should do a SWOT analysis to identify the opportunities they can obtain in the space.

It will also help as it will show businesses their particular strengths, weakness especially in comparison to what their competitors are doing online. It will also reveal the opportunities within the industry and in the social media space, along with possible threats.

This is a great task, as you are creating a full vision of where a company is in the industry and it can help solidify the digital strategy that will work for your ultimate success.

3. Find the Platforms That Work For The Company

While it is standard practice for some Caribbean companies to work on multiple platforms, it is a better practice to research what platforms are worth investing the time in.

One of the most important questions to ask is: where are customers and competitors spending their time online? Are they on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Depending on the industry companies will likely find that only two platforms are worth investing their time and money.

For example, Adobe credits LinkedIn for closing 42% of their deals in 2018. Thus they have continued to use the platform and brainstorm new strategies.

For many B2B companies, some platforms are not worth the investment so this research will be very valuable long term.

4. Speak Directly to YOUR audience

In B2B marketing it is important that companies do their research on their customers and determine what they seek. This will help a company understand how to communicate with them.

Communication with B2B businesses has to be clear, direct, and personalised to the customer’s needs. Generic content is not going to work in B2B marketing. This does not mean that the copy should be full of industry jargon and difficult to read.

Companies should keep the copy clear while still using specific terms of the industry. This is the best approach as customers in the B2B space searching for your type of service will understand and have the security that you know what you are doing. In B2B marketing the more direct the communication the better. Especially on social media where you not only want to communicate but also connect with potential customers.

5. Provide the Customer with Valuable Content

Similarly, your social media content across the board has to be direct and most importantly valuable to current and potential customers. This can be content in a variety of forms. From webinars to research posts, blogs etc.

However, the best way to find what will be valuable to a company’s specific customer base is by asking what challenges their customers may be facing and providing solutions/advice.

In many cases, the company’s product/service will be the answer to the solution so they can give some insight into how they can help the company or general tips that will be useful to their specific customer.

Some companies we recommend looking at specifically for B2B digital marketing are:

● Adobe: LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

● Microsoft: LinkedIn | Twitter







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