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Tips for Selling Online for Food and Beverage Businesses Online

How event planners in Trinidad and Tobago are making an impact online

The food and beverage industry in Trinidad and Tobago is extremely competitive but very lucrative. Operations are intense and require a committed workforce that can produce products that are consistent and abide by health standards. Since the relaxation of covid protocols locally, food and beverage companies have been strategizing to find the best ways to increase their sales and acquire regular customers.

This coupled with an emphasis on operations, can lead to inefficient effort on communications and marketing which is the driver of profitability and business success.

Since the onset of the pandemic businesses across the industry have also realized how important their online presence is to their brand awareness and overall sales. Yet, many local businesses have struggled to find the right strategy for their success online or even to understand the benefit of investing in online marketing. This understanding has increased, and many new food and beverage business owners are seeking advice on how they can improve their standings within the digital local landscape.

Here are some tips and tricks to help optimize your business online:

1. Regularly Update Your Website

A website can be the landing page for many of your current and potential customers so you must have it updated. Ensure that you have a clear and easy channel to reach out to the web developer or that you have editing access so that the website can be updated with relevant information. This includes updating the contact page, the menu page, the ordering pages and the artwork when needed. An efficient website that is updated will also rank higher on Google Search, which will increase traffic to your website.

Another factor that will help your website gain more traffic is to establish your Google Business page. This is the tab on the right of a Google Seach that lists all the relevant information about the company such as opening hours, the website, the phone number, the address and reviews. This will also help your businesses be found via Google Maps.

Setting up your Google Business Profile is a must when selling online as it is a key factor to ensuring that customers can find your business easily.

2. E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is not a heavily utilized form of digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago however, it is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to a website and increase online sales. It is beneficial for online sales and customer retention, however, these benefits are only obtained through best practices, some of which include:

- Creating an email capture form on a website. Some local companies also acquire emails by sending virtual receipts and asking the customer if they can be added to the database.

- Scheduled newsletters- most companies opt for bi-weekly or monthly emails.

- Always ensuring the images and links in the email lead to the correct landing page on your website

- Giving promotional codes and insights into the company solely on the email list, which gives exclusive access to those loyal customers.

3. Social Media

Social media is now more competitive than ever. Businesses have to try twice as hard to make an impact on local audiences. This is particularly true about the food and beverage industry. While it can seem simple at face value, certain standards need to be considered. Such as:

  1. Give clear descriptions of the flavour whether it is in the imagery or copy.

  2. Produce clean and high-quality images of the product.

  3. Pushing your unique selling point, what makes your brand different to your competitors? The price? The convenience? The unique flavour? Make that clear in your social media communications, especially on social media ads where you're trying to gain new customers.

  4. Put customer convenience at the forefront of your social media strategy, for example, is the menu easy to access from the social media page? Is it clear within a few seconds your business is selling?

  5. Customer convenience would also include creating media that makes the process to order online or ‘learn more’ as seamless as possible. For example, creating a carousel with new menu items and linking all the mobile ads directly to the ordering page on the website or to the product page.

These are three of the main approaches and standard practices that can ensure that your business is reaching more people and encouraging them to adopt consistent purchasing behaviour. What are some of the ways you gain more sales online for your food or beverage business in Trinidad and Tobago?

Tell us in the comments below!

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