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Top April Fools’ Post in Trinidad and Tobago 2023

Our top local picks for April Fools This Year

April Fools’ Day is our favourite time on the social media calendar. It's the moment in the year to see marketing teams' creativity shine and get some laughs in between.

Every year it gets better and our team shares their favourite ones on the day. In today’s post we will look at our team's top picks and why.

But first…

What makes a good April Fools’ Day Post?

  1. A creative idea that is either very outlandish or hilarious while...

  2. Remaining in tune with the brand whether that is their specific sets of products or services or the same artwork style.

What we aren’t looking for:

  1. Realistic products or services and the brand’s using the day to get customer feedback.

  2. Overdone jokes in the industry or a repetitive idea.

With that covered let’s look at our top 5 April Fools’ Posts in Trinidad and Tobago in 2023:

ANSA Motors: Vehicle Run on Mauby

What do we like:

- The ad replicates their posts that show each of their car's unique features, so the viewer is actually tricked into thinking it's a real ad until they read further and look closer.

- It uses a locally and culturally specific component to connect with the local audience

- The wording also replicates their other ads, “Environmentally Sustainable …Gives your vehicle that fresh Mauby smell

- Over 600 likes and lots of engagement which indicates it made an impact on their audience.

KFC’s Colonel Land

What do we like:

- An idea that is outside of their products and services but still looks like their branding

- The image already pulls interest and the caption plays on the joke, “Chicken Tower, Fries Mountain, The Cruncher Dunker”

- Customers actually liked the idea. The post got lots of organic traction.

Tortillas Glow Chip:

What do we like:

● On trend with the one-chip challenge that has been popular over the last year.

● They are one of the few brands that made their April Fool’s Day post an animation.

● The post got lots of organic traction online.

White Oak Toothpaste

What do we like:

- Artwork aligns with their other marketing materials

- The ad involves product packaging

- The idea itself is very outlandish but the artwork blends it within the brand look.

Pizza Boys: Callallo Pizza

What do we like:

- It sticks within their core product range

- The joke is culturally and locally specific

- The artwork goes all the way and “creates” a Callaloo Pizza

- The artwork fits in with their overall social media page

AllRidi: Ready for New Heights

What do we like:

- Remains within the “transport” industry but is still farfetched

- The artwork perfectly communicates the joke by branding the plane

- The caption continues the joke and doesn’t let on that it is an April Fool's prank.

Honourable Mentions

Domino's Pizza Ice-cream: well-developed artwork that matches their overall branding and the joke goes into detail about the features of the product.

Linda’s Footlong Currants Roll: The ad hits the line between farfetched and realistic (look at the comments to find the person who went to the store to buy one on the day 😀) and the content blends in seamlessly with their feed.

That’s all folks! Let us know in the comments if we left any of your favourite ones out this year and if you agree with our choices!

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