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Top Hairstylists on social media in Trinidad and Tobago

Top 3 Hairstylists on Instagram and Facebook and why we like their content

Many practitioners in the beauty and skincare industry rely heavily on social media to attract and engage with potential and existing clients. The platforms have given local businesses the ability to expand their client portfolio and consistently reach their audiences.

However, social media success for many hairstylists is not guaranteed and relies on a few key factors. Before we dive into why we love certain hairstylist social media pages we first want to run through a concise checklist ALL hairstylist pages must consider if you want to get on this list!

  1. The words HAIR and TRINIDAD or TOBAGO are in the @ or in the name of the page itself.

  2. Having a digital booking form that is under the BOOK NOW tab on the page.

  3. A good mix of reels and static posts that illustrate before and after imagery.

  4. Organized Story Highlights to touch on all the services offered and answers any questions customers might have.

  5. Insightful/Informational posts about haircare or the industry.

Now, that we have covered that, you will understand what we are looking for and why we chose these top 3 hairstylists on social media in Trinidad and Tobago:

1. The T-Room Salon


The T-Room Salon is a great example of a page that has a great mix of content. Here is what we love about their content:

- Their bio has the key information a visitor requires in the first few minutes, such as their credentials and how to book appointments.

- Their story highlights are divided into content from each of their hair stylists, services and specialities.

- They populate the page with reels, and the before and after imagery is particularly effective.

- They also have informational posts to help engage and educate their audiences.

- They have fun with their reels and show the personality of the brand.

2. AH ImagePerfection


AH ImagePerfection is a hairstylist that really shows the power of focusing on reels. Since Instagram's updates, their page has been populated with reels that have gained a lot of traction and engagement.

Here are the main things we love about their page:

- Their reels are both informational and some of them show the entire process from beginning to end for certain haircuts and styles. This is particularly beneficial for new customers who want to get a glimpse into the process.

- Their bio clearly states how to make a booking.

- They show a mix of their services on their page.

- Their stories are well organized and populated with a lot of content

3. Hair by Doniesha


Doniesha’s page shows a great content mix. Here is why we love their content:

- Their page has a great balance of reels and static posts

- These posts show both the process as well as user-generated content from their customers

- They only have 5 story highlights but they cover all the necessary information, for example: how to book, former work they have done and information about their classes

- Detailed or text-heavy posts are only used for sales or when they are in Tobago offering services. This is a great practice as the majority of content should be focused on the results of their work.

These are just some of the three hairstylists we came across who we felt covered the necessary bases and catered their content for their audiences.

Are there any other hairstylists you think we should have included on the list? Do you have any thoughts on this topic? Be a guest contributor or respond to our article- Send us an email at

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