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Top Websites in Trinidad and Tobago and what they reveal about Local Online Marketing

The top websites in a country can reveal a lot of key information for local marketers to consider when creating their online strategy. This data indicates where the local online audience spends their time and what they do with that time. It is especially pertinent to marketers and companies who are researching what platforms are worth investing their time and money in.

The data below is taken from

What does this data reveal about social media platforms?

Google, YouTube, and Facebook are continually the top used websites in Trinidad and Tobago. They also rank high for the amount of time people spend on them. Thus, investing in either of these three platforms is a sure way to meet a large demographic of the population. Companies that create the right content combined with an accurate audience target strategy often see success in their campaigns.

However, the key to success on these platforms is understanding which one works best for the product and audience. Take for instance a tourist company. Data suggests that people search for their next travel destination on Google as opposed to other platforms, thus, hotels and airlines typically invest most of their money on Google Display ads and retarget marketing.

While most companies in Trinidad and Tobago invest in Facebook due to its popularity and average time spent online, investing in Google or YouTube is a great way to test the content across platforms to see if the platform works better for the company and its audience. It can be beneficial for companies that want more website visits and conversions.

It is must be noted that Instagram is #17 on the list with a “daily time on the site” of 9 minutes. Data from a more thorough report we covered earlier this year, revealed that Instagram was the ideal platform for companies that were targeting millennials locally.

What does this data reveal about e-commerce?

Amazon is the only e-commerce website that is in the top 10. AliExpress and Alibaba do, however, make it into the top 20. This data is particularly interesting for local e-commerce companies. There has been an increase in local companies selling online especially, during COVID-19, when the opportunity for stores to be open to the public has been limited.

Yet, many companies still question its efficacy with the Trinidad and Tobago population. The real difficulty is that local companies are competing with Amazon. Similar to international companies of various sizes, who have to compete with Amazon’s range, price and convenience.

It does show that local companies should consider this when creating their e-commerce website and how they approach their customers, especially when it comes to showing their value to the customer in comparison to Amazon.

What can I do with this information?

Some of this data will not be surprising for local marketers however, it does help companies who want to see what other platforms may be worth investing in. It is important to look at your own social media and ad data; what may be working and re-strategize your approach.






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