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Who are the top influencers in Trinidad and Tobago? (Part 1)

Top local influencers on social media

Influencers have become one of the main mediums companies now utilize in their digital marketing strategy. It has gotten increasingly popular in Trinidad and Tobago within the last 2 years. In reality, influencer marketing is a very effective form of advertising. The Digital Marketing Institute reported that 49% of Consumers Depend on Influencer Recommendations and that 40% made purchases after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

It is, however, effective when done strategically. Many brands at the onset of influencer popularity began throwing products or paid partnerships with influencers who had a lot of followers. Now a few years later and wiser, brands do thorough research to ensure that the influencer aligns with their brand identity and most importantly their target market.

The success of influencer marketing relies on the trust and regular engagement that the influencer has with their audience. Their personality and the content that is produced must match or align with the product or service a company offers. For example, clothing hauls by beauty and fashion influencers are one of the most effective mediums for clothing companies.

That being said, here are some of the top local influencers in Trinidad and Tobago that we believe create great content. These are some of our top picks based on creativity and overall online presence.

Aaron Fingal

Platfroms: TikTok & Instagram

Partnerships/Sponsored Post with: Digicel, Dominos Pizza, White Oak, Kraft

Aaron is both an entertainer and influencer who has partnerships with big companies such as Digicel and Dominos Pizza. What makes Aaron stand out as an influencer is not just his high number of followers but also, his creativity when it comes to presenting the content whether it’s through TikTok or Instagram videos. He focuses on concise, funny and engaging content for his audience that is both sponsored and non-sponsored. This balance and due diligence for both types of content attract an audience that enjoys his content and trusts his endorsements.

Photo by David Kernahan

Anastasia Mootoo

Popular Platforms: Instagram

Partnerships/Sponsored Post with: London Clothing, Pixi Beauty, Bright Eyes Inc and more.

Anastasia Mootoo is an influencer and content creator. She mainly works with brands in the fashion and beauty industry. She focuses on the actual use or wear of the product which is the best way to showcase its potential value to her audience. She also has engaging content outside of the sponsored post, for example, she does Instagram guides and videos educating people on a variety of topics. In her most recent video, she speaks to health professionals about COVID-19 and vaccines. Her content and way of engaging with her audience are really what sets her apart.

Suveer Ramsook

Platforms: Instagram & TikTok

Partnerships/Sponsored Post with: Cedros Bay, Angostura

Suveer is one of the most popular local TikTokers and he has now transferred that success to Instagram where he makes short and funny videos. He is also a model and radio announcer, outside of his digital work. He mixes his influencer and modelling work with brands like CGA, which by default, produces very high-quality content for his platforms. However, his real strength lies in his video content which receives impressive engagement with both local and foreign audiences.

Photo by Digital Ziggy

These are just some creators who we think stand out in terms of their sponsored content, what are some local influencers you think are doing great things online? We would love to hear about it. Are you an influencer? Make sure to let us know if we missed your excellent presence online.

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