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Why Caribbean Businesses Should Be Using User-Generated Content (UGC)

Creating engaging social media content is quite a difficult task, especially as Caribbean Businesses compete to be at the top of their customers' news feed. However, there is one way to ensure that you have a large content library with captivating content and it is: User Generated Content

What is User Generated Content?

User-Generated Content is any digital content whether it be videos, text, stories, tweets etc that is created by online users. User-Generated Content is made and uploaded by customers who frequently use your products or services. While it can be used on any digital marketing platform, it tends to find the best results on Instagram.

Why should Caribbean Businesses be using it?

1. Build a collection of authentic content

User-Generated Content is seen by many consumers as “authentic” content. A Stackla survey found that 56% of consumers want to see more user-generated photos and videos on a brand’s social media pages. UGC can often be more engaging for your consumers as it shows both the product in use and people (who are not paid) promoting or endorsing your product or service with undisputed passion and genuinity. The other great benefit is that your customers are out there creating the content for you! Once you have encouraged your followers to tag you in posts or use a hashtag, then you can share them with your digital followers once they meet your UGC expectations.

2. Customer Testimonials

User-Generated Content is one of the most effective ways to show brand loyalty. Customers sharing their love for your product or service shows people that your customers regularly vouch for what you are offering. Free testimonials are not something a business should take lightly, it is an incredibly valuable resource that can create trust between your current customers and simultaneously attract new clients. Even better, companies can also use this information to do customer research and see what is working and what is not. So make sure that you are not undervaluing the benefits of what your consumers are giving you (for free..) online!

3. Impact Customers Purchasing Decisions

The Stackla survey also shows that User-Generated Content heavily impacts purchasing decisions. The survey states that “79 percent of people say user-generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions (up from 60 percent in 2017).” This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of UGC. By having a lot of posts or stories that show User-Generated Content, you are driving people to contact you because they see great content that attracts them, they see the benefits you offer to your clients and the high level of trust your clients have with your business. These three things combined often lead consumers to research your offer which encourages them to engage with your brand or business!

Pro Tip: One of the most effective ways companies see this benefit is by showing User-Generated Content on Instagram stories. They are quick, easy and can be saved permanently through highlights. If you also have enough followers, the swipe up feature is a great way to ensure people go to your website to explore your products and services and even order your goods!

User-Generated Content is one of the most valuable resources for brands when it comes to digital content. If your company is looking for an easy and effective way to engage with customers, then you should actively be trying to encourage and collect digital content from your digital following! Not sure if you already have User Generated Content? It is probably sitting right there in your tagged page waiting for you to share with others!






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