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Our team evaluates each client and determine their specific needs for their online presence. Social Media is compounded by a plethora of content targeted to every audience segment imaginable. Over 54,000 posts are uploaded to Facebook every second thus competing for your audience’s attention online is both demanding and time-consuming. Our aim is to create consistent, compelling and relatable ads to ensure that your brand gets the attention it deserves. This is done through proper planning, strategic thinking and tactful approaches.



We believe in a hybrid approach to social media. The content should be a balance of both organic and advertised content. Organic content is important as it does not fundamentally aim to sell a product or service to your customers, but rather appeal to their lifestyle and relatable behaviours. It is important to note, that social media was fundamentally created to connect with others and share memories through images, videos, audio and text. Thus, your brand must fit within this content. Advertising dollars must be spent wisely. We constantly test and evaluate our ads, maintain standard practice and promote your brand through our network to ensure that your online presence is optimized for success.


Social media is not an overnight success story. It is long-term investment that requires patience and adaptability. Every social media platform aims to encourage its users to spend advertising dollars, as this is the primary form of revenue generation for these conglomerate companies. The algorithms on Social Media platforms are constantly changing, thus it is imperative to note that conversion and sales requires testing. However, these are the immediate benefits of starting your social media campaign with Connective Pros:


  • Increase in Brand Awareness

  • Increase in Online Engagement

  • Increase in Reach and Viewership

  • Your brand becomes ‘top of mind’ with your audience

  • Increase Brand Credibility

  • Benefit from top Ad Agency Media

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