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How Lit 102.3 FM is Navigating Radio in the Digital Age

The radio station bridges the gap between the traditional and the digital

Trinidad and Tobago’s audience is in the digital age. With exactly 940,000 active social media users in the country and a huge shift to digital options during COVID-19 lockdowns, many are questioning the traditional formats for advertising, especially as it relates to radio and television. Just when you thought radio and television were struggling mediums, Lit 102.3 FM announces its arrival and disrupts the strategic approach to enter a competitive radio market.

The new contemporary radio station features the latest hits in genres such as pop, soca, reggaeton, dancehall and more. Their shows are hosted by entertainers such as Rome, DJ Ana, and influencers such as William Tommy and Suveer Ramsook.

Despite only being a month old, the station has already made a significant impact on the radio scene, complemented by a dynamic, consistent, and powerful brand online.

Bridging the Gap between Traditional & Digital

Typically, in Trinidad and Tobago, radio personalities become popular through their work on-air, event hosting, DJing, and other entertainment activities outside of the radio space. However, Lit 102.3 FM takes a completely different approach. Instead, they engaged popular personalities within the entertainment and influencer industry in Trinidad and Tobago and brought them on the airwaves to add spice, vitality and energy.

All their hosts already have a significant audience therefore, listeners are aware of the content, personality and unpredictability of each segment on air. Better yet, when any of their hosts highlight their work with Lit 102.3 FM, they link the radio’s website via their stories. This allows their social media audience to quickly access the live stream.

This easy transition helps increase visitors especially for fans of their hosts. Further to that Lit 102.3 FM has solidified its online look from the onset. Their modern, cheerful and purple look is distinguishable from competitors and solidifies their brand image in the industry.

They have also amassed 8,000 followers across Instagram and Facebook since being on their air for a month. Since their main avenue for growth and attaining listeners is through social media, they have ensured that their platforms are regularly updated with local, regional, and international entertainment news; high-quality branded content, and engaging content from their hosts.

Engagement with the Millennial Audience

Creating an effective social media strategy to get more listeners to your website is an independent approach, but how do you keep those listeners there and engaged regularly? That is perhaps the biggest hurdle for many local and international radio stations. However, with the immense popularity of podcasts across the world, there is a clear demand for digital audio conversations on a variety of topics.

Lit 102.3 FM has perfectly created a perfect blend of audio content that caters to their desired millennial and Gen Z target audience. Their show Boozy Brunch with Shevonne Metivier highlights a variety of local current topics. It highlights local businesses, products and general conversations occurring in the local online space. She also has a segment called, “Girl Code” which discusses a plethora of topics related to the female’s experience. Shevonne also ensures to discuss important conversations towards the better good, on a recent show she discussed how her listeners can aid in the fight against period poverty.

On the other end, their show “Ring or Fling” with William Tommy discusses what can only be described as literal “hot topics”. It covers everything related to dating, relationships, breakups and more. In his latest episode discussing relationships with ex’s, the music was perfectly matched with the conversations. Break up songs and break up conversations perfectly synced? Yes, please- We want it- We live for it!

The content and conversations are engaging, meet the target audience's needs are well researched and thought out, creating the perfect audio experience for their audience.

Continued Growth with a Video Element

One of the main avenues a lot of radio stations have been increasing audiences and monetization is through video live streams, especially on Youtube. Howard Stern and even local radio shows have seen success through this medium. Their upcoming video live stream will help them continue to build off their initial success.

Listen to Lit 102.3 FM here and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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