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Who Are the Top Influencers in Trinidad and Tobago (Part 2)

Top local influencers on social media

Influencers have become somewhat of a dreaded word for Trinidad and Tobago marketers. The influencer market has been growing and evolving for both companies and influencers and local creators are now setting the bar high for the best brand engagement, thus if you own a business or brand, using this medium can be an effective part of your marketing strategy. Our perceptions of influencers may vary, but when implemented properly, there is little room to deny the results that follow.

In our first blog, we highlighted 3 influencers that excelled at their jobs. This included their content creation and persuasion of audiences online. We based our choices on 3 main factors: quality of content, engagement and the effectiveness of their sponsored content.

That being said here are our other 3 choices:

D’Andre Wilson

Platforms: Instagram & Youtube

Partnerships/Sponsored Post with: The Mane Choice, Immortelle Beauty, To All My Black Girls

D’Andre is more of a content creator than anything else. Her Youtube channel which has 31,000 subscribers, has a lot of high production and creative content which she also replicates on her Instagram page. She is in the hair care, beauty and skincare industry as it relates to sponsored posts/videos. Her content for brands really stands out. She makes a tremendous effort to create enticing visuals to show how she uses the product or service. She does this in the form of lifestyle content, where she shows how the product is a part of her routine and even her environment. This is very much valued by her audience online.

Devon Scott

Platforms: YouTube & Instagram

Partnerships: Digicel Trinidad & Tobago, Little Ceasars, Unipet and more.

Scott has a lot of experience in content creation and on the platforms, especially, YouTube. You can see his experience and his talent through his content. It is well-planned, edited and high-quality. His sponsored content gets the same level of attention to detail and creativity as his regular content, which is extremely beneficial to the companies that work with him. They get great and effective content from the partnership. Scott is definitely a creator before anything else so his content seems to be his top priority for both his paid and unpaid posts.

Roxy James

Platforms: YouTube & Instagram

Partnerships: Cedros Bay, Kraft and more.

Roxy James is a lifestyle blogger, influencer and YouTuber. She also owns a local stationery shop called, It’s Pretty Productive. Roxy’s content tends to stay within the lifestyle and beauty industry, especially related to the companies that she works with. She has a distinctive look when it comes to her photos and videos that stick to a pink and floral theme. However, she takes great pride in her work and aims to create content that her viewers can find value in. Whether that be advice on vaccines, fitness or beauty products. Her content with companies follows a similar trajectory to some of the other people we mentioned on this list. She actually shows how she uses the product or service to her audience. Her distinct look, regular posting and dedication to a variety of content always ensure she has an engaged viewing audience.

These are the influencers we admire in terms of their content, their effort to create engaging sponsored content and their overall creativity and dedication.

That being said, we would love to hear from you! Who are your favourite local influencers and what about their content do you enjoy or engage with?

Tell us in the comments below!






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